The Strange Lady At My Door

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By MoonJoey

The Strange Lady At My Door


Recently, as I sat at my desk, I was distracted by a noise coming from outside the room. The room’s doorway, just to my side one foot from the edge of my desk, has a direct line view of the front door. I leaned over and took a quick glance out of curiousity of what the banging noise could be, without a precognitive thought of any kind (I was researching cerebral architecture differences between humans and animals on my computer). Not expecting to see anything, I glanced for only one second and returned my view to the computer. My mind instantly flashed the memory of what I had just glanced at. It was a dark haired woman inside my home at (not outside) my front door, approximately in her eighties, having a pudgy type nose and her hair in some sort of bun. She was wearing a full house dress of light or off-white color. (That is all I can definitively describe of the flashing image in my mind). Pausing a few seconds to do a mental reality check, I quickly leaned over and looked again at that location and, of course, nothing was there. I dismissed this event quickly saying to myself, “its only your imagination, but boy was that strange” (this kind of stuff doesn’t normally happen to me).

After that occurrence, my cat started going over to the front door with increasing, noticeable frequency, sitting there for a few minutes at a time, something she had never done before. She was doing this at least once a day, at approximately the same time of day the strange occurrence had previously happened.

Fast forward to about a week later, while my wife and I were sitting on our sofa watching TV, our cat laying beside us perked up her head and stared intently at the front door which was in our direct view. Her reaction was very pronounced and noticeable by us. I realize the sensory capabilties of cats to see in the ultraviolet spectrum of light and hear in ultrasonic frequencies. They notice things visually and audibly beyond our human ranges. But here is where my story gets weirder. Approximately one minute later my front door alarm system sends a message to my cell phone indicating the front door opened (see attached image). Seconds later I received another message indicating the front door closed. From where we sat we can directly see our front door! It hadn’t opened and closed!

Needless to say, I was astonished! I checked my security camera aimed at the front door and there is no video event that was triggered at that time yet the door sensor indicates activity! This electronic notification had neither happened before or has since. After this strangeness, my cat stopped lingering at the front door!

Here is a related cat story I found, told by an experiencer of a stranger at her front door:

“Suddenly there was a loud pounding on the door of my apartment at 9:10 p.m. and I leaped up from 3 feet away and flung open the door thinking it was my boyfriend in crisis. He lived about 45 miles away. My cat’s hair stood up all over and her pupils dilated. There was no one in sight. How did they disappear in two seconds? There was a cold chill and the night was not that cold. My cat backed into the corner growling, hair still erect. There was a sweet smell of flowers. My cat crouched, growling for nearly 5 minutes. My mind suddenly flashed the thought of my boyfriend’s mother and sensed her questioning me as to whether I would be loyal and loving to her son. Acknowledging in my mind that, of course I would, everything, including my cat went back to normal.
The next morning my boyfriend called me deeply upset. His mother had died during the evening!”

Getting back to my own incident, I am excited by the prospect of having an unexplained event such as this happen right in my own home. It affords me the opportunity to study the situation closely and thoroughly at length. Hopefully I can obtain some empirical evidence of a connection between animals and the unexplained or connection between the unexplained and electronic devices. In this small, confined area, I am going to setup very sensitive EMF detection (not a crappy K2 meter) in addition to the already existing video motion detection that I have. Also, I will run an audio recorder with 96 kbps sample rate that uses 24-bit analog to digital conversion, non-lossy, using non-compressed WAV recording format. In a further effort to capture legitimate EVPs, I will contain the recorder in a galvanized steel, electromagnetic shielded ammo box with external microphone leads to two separate mics so as to mix to a stereo output for later validation of separately captured sounds, as well as directional approximation. I will be setting up an external mixer ahead of the recorder to do this and will choose a pass band filter set from 150 hz to 64 khz. The lower range will match the presumed vocal components of the human female voice for vocal and fricatives, and the higher range will include the cat’s estimated max hearing capabilty for sound, well above human or even dog thresholds. I do not expect the wide band range to affect the gain too drastically, however it is necessary for the testing to accomodate this range.

Any positive or interesting results will be shared in this column in the future.

I’m sure there are many of you that have had similar unexplained incidents involving your pets. Let us know about them!

  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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