The Past

UFO’Real? A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

The Past

Greetings! The Past…… The effort to understand and investigate the UFO problem is a challenging endeavor to say the least. It requires huge amounts of time and effort, along with a never-ending desire for knowledge. The effort should also be comprehensive in it’s scope, examining the past, along with the present, with a keen and unbiased eye towards the future. People I meet in person, and via Facebook and other platforms, often have differing opinions on the value of studying the past history of the UFO problem. Of course, I respect all those opinions as they come from people who have an interest in the UFO topic, and have interesting points of view on the subject. My professional position is that studying the past is essential to understanding and placing into proper perspective, the present and the future. Now clearly that should not take anything away from the importance of investigating modern-day UFO sightings, or future anomalous events, but to ignore the past opens the door to repeating errors that occurred in the process of investigating UFO sightings from years and decades past. We as a community cannot afford to “drop the ball” when it comes to investigating this problem, whether that effort comes in the field or from behind a keyboard, or in an archive or library. Historical events outside the realm of the UFO problem continue to be examined in an effort to uncover potentially groundbreaking evidence, and UFO events should be treated no differently. We may uncover some important piece of the puzzle. If we don’t, then the effort was still not a waste, for we don’t know what we may find unless we make the attempt. Thank you for your kind support.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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