The Magnanimity Of Our Pets

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By MoonJoey

The Magnanimity Of  Our Pets

This past week, something happened that not only personally affected me, but also acted like a slap in the face to remind me, a sort of reality check. In the span of just four days, my daughter’s dog, a rescue 3-legged chihuahua named “Nugget” and my ex’s dog, a white lab named “Luigi” both passed. Countless times my daughter would bring Nugget with her to visit her mother and the dogs developed a bond and the most amusing “Mutt & Jeff” personna, if you will.

A few days ago, little Nugget passed. Three days later, Luigi passed. He had stopped eating for two days, and one could argue he did so in mourning for Nugget. Even though they didn’t live together, somehow Luigi knew and was affected by it. If this isn’t an example of Spatial Consciousness then I don’t know what is! I’ve spent years researching and studying the paranormal yet was too blind to see the lessons these dogs were teaching me. Throughout the ages, Native Americans have been telling us non-indingenous, that the lessons to be learned are right in front of us… that the earth holds ato answers to our questions about this life and the next. Instead we invent silly electronic devices that co-create a reality that satisfies our own egos about discovery. The real paranormal is what we live and breath everyday. We have to stop to notice that!!!

I cannot help but think that even in dying, Nugget and Luigi left a message about their purpose while they were still with us. That message was about “love.” Their lives are much shorter than ours and in that respect, serves an important purpose. Our dogs give us so much love, friendship and loyalty as both an example and reminder of the simplicity of what is needed in today’s world.

There also might be a tie to the unexplained. My daughter is expecting my first grandchild. Nugget and Luigi filled that space of time and are now leaving that legacy of love as a reminder of the beauty and miracle of the life to come in my daughter’s child. Many years ago, I had a black lab named “Sam.” Sam was a very intelligent dog, easily trained and the best of companions. I did not yet have children. As my wife and I were expected our first child, I prepared one of the rooms in my house as the baby’s room, painting, decorating, etc. We had owned this particular house for approximately 18 mos and Sam was about a year old at the time. What was peculiar is that Sam not once would go into that room from the day we brought him home. NOT ONCE! Something about that room affected him. He would stand at the doorway looking in but you couldn’t drag him in. He resisted mightily. My wife & I just laughed it off as “one of those things.” Exactly three days before my wife went into labor at home, Sam didn’t respond when I called him. He was an extremely obedient dog and would come instantly when called from anywhere in the house, even if he was at first asleep. Finding this extremely unusual, I searched the house, calling out to him. I eventually found him in the baby’s room, comfortably lying on the floor in the middle of the room and facing towards the door! I called for him to come out, but he wouldn’t. Not wanting to force him to come out of the room, I let him be. He slept in that room that night instead of at the foot of our bed, his usual spot to spend the night! The next morning I had to take him to the Vet because he suffered some kind of epileptic seisure. Shockingly, I had to put him down that same morning. My wife went into labor two nights later, delivering a boy the following morning.

The message was clear to me: Sam was the temporary messenger filling that gap in our hearts until the birth of our son, just as Nugget and Luigi were doing now with my expected grandchild.

The spirits of our departed loved ones do not have to be “hunted.” Their memories and presence can be found and felt with the best detection method there is….. LOVE.

  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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