The Latest On Bigfoot – An Opinion

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By MoonJoey

The Latest On Bigfoot – An Opinion

For those of you (like myself) that prefer to still give the benefit of the doubt that the possibility of Bigfoot existing can be true, I think it is time to address the things that shed doubt instead of credibility on what is deemed as possible evidence. I won’t go into a long diatribe about this. If any of you have been following the latest Bigfoot show that I shall not call out by name, you will have noticed the infrared captured blob in the forest that was taken to some ‘expert’ who could better define exactly what that blob was. So, what did they do? The Bigfoot team leader took the infrared video evidence to a person who created a software algorithm that created a ‘stick figure’ superimposed on the heat emitting blob. Then, upon looking at this, an ape expert was contacted to view this enhancement and he rendered an opinion that this seemed to be an escaped or rogue-wandering ape in the forest? The team leader, with raised eyebrows of astonishment, felt he was justified in the possibility that this might well be bigfoot itself!

Let’s back up a moment about this stick figure. It is created by an algorithm built around the belief of a bi-pedal, anthropormorphic/biological entity attached to the target in question. It is not an objective conclusion but rather a computer decision based on someone programming into it what to tell you and reflects the bias of the person(s) responsible for creating the algorithm. Furthermore, this stick figure wasn’t generated by some software that was designed to create a stick figure upon real time capture of something anomalous as a kinect sensor does. It was added later!!! The explorer/investigator did not actually see the actual physical creature in question that the infrared picked up at a distance. It might also be interesting to include that kinect sensors aren’t designed to pick up objects far away like that.

If you disagree with this opinion, that is fine. After all, contrary opinions and their discussions are what can lead to new ideas and hypotheses that can be tested and perhaps bring us closer to answers to the many question we have about the paranormal. It is healthy to do so. Taking an old concept and slapping a shiny new cover on it doesn’t help us get any closer to evidence of bigfoot. I for one, feel insulted by shows playing us for fools.

Concerning the impact algorithms have on us and their bias, try this little test first. Do a google search on the term “math professor” and view the images of your results. Notice the gender order. My results were as follows in sequential order:

1st ten images = 1 of 10 were women
2nd ten images = 2 of 10 were women
3rd ten images = 5 of 10 were women (I guess they were running out of men at his point!)

Now do a google search on “math teacher” and check the images in sequential order. My results were as follows in sequential order:

1st ten images = 6 of 10 were women
2nd ten images = 7 of 10 were women
3rd ten images = 5 of 10 were women

How many of you have been frustrated by the devices we address with verbal commands of “Alexa,” “Hey Google” or “SIRI?”

What keeps me interested in the possibility that bigfoot exists is by eyewitness testimony of persons whose character is of integrity and ethical standards. To date, that remains our best evidence.

  • Moonjoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

1 thought on “The Latest On Bigfoot – An Opinion

  1. Good write up Joey. I will state that when I was doing research at Texas A&M on climate I saw this in their models all the time. They were always putting their biases into their computer models to attempt to get the outcome which was preconceived in most of the people in the department.

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