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Zak Bagans Buys Haunted Six String Guitar

Zak Bagans is now the owner of a supposedly haunted acoustic guitar that could have been involved in the death of a teenager in 1979….

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Zak Bagans Plagiarism Scandal

Kenneth Biddle describes new developments in the Zak Bagans scandal. According to Biddle, Bagans plagiarized several writers in his book ‘Ghost Hunting For Dummies’. He…

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I Do It For A Reason

Quotes And Quips, Witty Bits By Gail Hodson Shirk I taunt and provoke, but you have to understand that I do that for a reason….

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Former Owner Of ‘Conjuring House’ Very Upset Over Hallowe’en Special With Zak Bagans Trying To Prove House Is Cursed

Former owner of the ‘Conjuring House’ has long said that the property at 1677 Round Top Road is not filled with malevolent ghosts and spirits as…

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Real-Life ‘Conjuring House’ Made Zak Bagans Sick While Filming Investigation Documentary

While filming a ghost investigation documentary, the real-life ‘Conjuring House’ made Zak Bagans sick. He says the house is so haunted, it took ham three…

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Zak Bagans Wants To Buy Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy’s Brain

Zak Bagans wants to buy serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s brain. When Zak held Gacy’s brain, he says he could sense the evil that consumed…

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