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Former Panda Express Employee Claims She Was Pressured To Strip To Underwear In Front Of Colleagues And Strangers In ‘Trust Building’ Exercise

A former Panda Express employee said she was pressured to strip to her underwear in front of colleagues and strangers during a “trust-building” exercise, according…

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Ousted New Hampshire Police Chief Walks Home In Underwear

Ousted New Hampshire police chief stripped down to his underwear after he was fired. He was asked to leave his gun and uniform when he…

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Florida Man Awakens Family; Sitting On Their Rooftop In His Underwear In Middle Of Night

Florida Man surprised a Cape Coral family when they awoke Thursday night, and found him sitting on their roof in his underwear. He seemed to…

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UNESCO Apologizes For Putting Underwear On Nude Sculptures

UNESCO apologizes for big mistake of putting underwear on nude sculptures. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2019/11/04/UNESCO-apologizes-for-putting-underwear-on-nude-sculptures/5361572894665/ (Photo courtesy of thetimes.co.uk)

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