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BREAKING NEWS: Leaked Photo Surfaces Of Purported UAP

BREAKING NEWS: Leaked photo surfaces of purported UAP. https://www.thedebrief.org/leaked-photo-surfaces-of-purported-unidentified-aerial-phenomena/ (Photo courtesy of Debrief.org)

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Fast Movers, Transmedium Vehicles: A Glimpse Behind Pentagon’s UAP Task Force

Fast movers and transmedium vehicles: A glimpse behind the scenes of the Pentagon’s UAP task force. https://www.thedebrief.org/fast-movers-and-transmedium-vehicles-the-pentagons-uap-task-force/ (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

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Department Of Defense Confirms Establishment Of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force

Department of Defense confirms in press release the establishment of an unidentified aerial phenomena take force. https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2314065/establishment-of-unidentified-aerial-phenomena-task-force/ (Photo courtesy of CNN.com)

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Silva Record Publishes Letter From Luis Elizondo To Chief Justice Of India

Silva Record publishes Luis Elizondo’s letter to the Chief Justice of India. https://silvarecord.com/2019/10/11/luis-elizondos-letter-to-the-chief-justice-of-india/ (Photo courtesy of IMDb)

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