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Star Trek Star’s Ashes Smuggled Aboard ISS

Star Trek star James Doohan‘s remains were smuggled aboard the International Space Station, a secret mission kept under wraps for 12 years. https://comicbook.com/startrek/news/star-trek-james-doohan-ashes-smuggled-onto-iss-space-station/ (Photo courtesy…

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Social Media Roasts Trump After Reveal Of Space Force Logo Shows Close Resemblance To TV’s Star Trek Badge

‘Star Fleet called, they want their insignia back.’ Social media is roasting Trump over new Space Force logo that looks a great deal like TV’s…

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New Space Force Has A SPOC

New Space Force has a SPOC. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a30384209/us-space-force-spoc/ (Photo courtesy of takethe5th.com)

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