Blob That Can Think Being Sent Into Space

Blob that can think is being sent into space. (Photo courtesy of CBI/CRCA/CNES/CNRS PHOTOTHÈQUE/DAVID VILLA / SCIENCEIMAGE, 2021)

Jeff Bezos Launched 66 Miles Into Space

Jeff Bezos launched 66 miles into space, spent 4 minutes in zero gravity. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

Did Richard Branson Really Make It Into Space?

Did Richard Branson really make it into space? Some do not think so. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

Gabe Newell, President Of Valve, Launching Gnome Into Space To Thank New Zealand

Gabe Newell, president of Valve, the video game company behind the Half-Life series and game marketplace Steam, is thanking the country of New Zealand for its hospitality by launching a gnome into space with aerospace company Rocket. (Photo courtesy of Valve)

Thick Clumps Of Bacteria Can Survive For Years In Vacuum Of Space

A hardy species of bacteria can survive the harsh conditions of space for prolonged periods, but only after forming a thick, congealed clump, according to new research. (Photo courtesy of JAXA/NASA)