Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Alberta, Canada

A fireball that was caught on camera lighting up the early morning sky over Alberta, Canada, was a particularly bright meteor, experts said (Photo courtesy of The Watchers)

Bright Meteor Lights Up Texas Sky

A bright meteor illuminated the night sky over southern Texas as part of the anticipated Leonids meteor shower, experts said. (Photo courtesy of ABC13 Houston)

Basel Phenomenon

Spaced Out Radio’s Cryptid Tales With Amber Bekkerud The Basel Phenomenom This 9th episode of Cryptid Tales, Season 3, describes the 1566 events that were likened to a firefight in the sky above Basel, Switzerland.

Paragliding Instructor Takes Couch, TV Into Sky

Turkish paragliding instructor takes couch and TV into the sky. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

Three Suns Appear Over China

Three suns appear in sky over China; it’s a rare natural phenomena. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)