Seventy-Four Years And Counting: Roswell, Visited Again

And Another Thing… By Gail Hodson Shirk, News Director SOR Seventy-Four Years And Counting: Roswell, Visited Again Anyone who has given any thought to UFOs and aliens has most likely heard of Roswell, New Mexico, and the event in July, 1947 that took the UFO discussion to a whole new level. Albeit, the United States […]

How Blind Is The UFO Community?

I’m writing this blog today out of haste, and if I make any spelling mistakes, I can honestly tell you that it’s going to be because I’m continuously eye rolling at the UFO community to the point where I almost want to run down my street screaming about how silly mostly everyone involved is acting […]

Concerns Over The Experience

As closely as I’ve followed the the last year and a half of ufology, I have seen a great debate in the land of ‘Disclosure’ happening.  Whether it’s for the good or the bad remains to be seen.  Looking at both sides of the ledger we’ve seen a great divide between the two different sides.  […]

Trump And UFOs

The President of the United States has briefly weighed in on the hot button topic of UFOs.  Yes, this has become really real, folks.  Here we go.  In an exclusive ABC Interview with President Donald Trump, George Stephanopoulos, the President was asked point blank, on camera, his thoughts on all of this UFO hype we’ve […]