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NASA To Bury Human Remains On The Moon Next Year

NASA is to bury human remains on the moon next year. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/13229769/nasa-human-remains-moon-buy-grave-plot/ (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

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Two Teens Filming Tik Tik Video Discovered Washington Couple’s Remains In Suitcases

Two teens filming Tik Tok video discovered Washington couple’s remains in suitcases. https://people.com/crime/2-teens-filming-tik-tok-video-discovered-washington-couple-stuffed-suitcases/ (Photo courtesy of Oxygen)

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Construction Workers Begin Digging, Find Remains Of 42 With Hands Tied Behind Backs

Construction workers began digging in Buckingham to build new residential flats. After a little digging, they discovered buried in shallow graves, the remains of 42…

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Remains Of Bolskine House Being Sold Online For £49 A Bag

Remnants of the infamous Bolskine house are offered for sale online for £49 per bag. Former past owners have included the Fraser clan, Led Zeppelin rocker…

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Remains Of One-Legged Skeleton Found Under Russian Dance Floor Are Those Of Napoleon’s Favorite General

The remains of a one-legged skeleton found under a Russian dance floor last July have been DNA tested, and are those of Napoleon’s favorite general….

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