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First Private Space Mission Most Likely Will Include Tom Cruise

Former astronaut, López-Alegría, will serve as mission commander on first private space mission. Joining him will be businessman and former Israeli fighter pilot Eytan Stibbe….

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Star Trek Star’s Ashes Smuggled Aboard ISS

Star Trek star James Doohan‘s remains were smuggled aboard the International Space Station, a secret mission kept under wraps for 12 years. https://comicbook.com/startrek/news/star-trek-james-doohan-ashes-smuggled-onto-iss-space-station/ (Photo courtesy…

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ISS Spiders Found Hack To Build Webs Without Gravity

International Space Station spiders have found a hack to build webs without gravity. https://gizmodo.com/space-station-spiders-found-a-hack-to-build-webs-withou-1845851520 (Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

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ISS Astronauts Who Lived In Space 6 Months Return Safely To Earth

ISS astronauts who lived in space for 6 months return safely to Earth. https://hosted.ap.org/summitdaily/article/743bb0190d3ca6aa4d5309509ded0694/trio-who-lived-space-station-return-earth-safely (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Russia’s Soyuz Rockets No Longer To Carry American Astronauts To ISS

Russia’s Soyuz rockets flying American astronauts to the International Space Station has ended. Starting next month, all future ISS flights involving American astronauts will be operated by…

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ISS Air Leak Traced To Russian Module

ISS air leak traced to Russian module. https://gizmodo.com/vexing-space-station-air-leak-traced-to-russian-module-1845226944 (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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ISS Forced To Make Emergency Maneuver To Avoid Space Debris

ISS was forced to make an emergency maneuver to avoid space debris. https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/tech/1520558/iss-emergency-manoeuvre-space-debris/ (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

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ISS Crew Will Spend Weekend In One Module In Attempt To Locate Air Leak

ISS crew to spend weekend in one module in attempt to locate air leak. https://spacenews.com/iss-crew-to-spend-weekend-in-one-module-to-track-down-air-leak/ (Photo courtesy of Daily Express)

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Russian Cosmonaut On ISS Claims To Have Captured Footage Of Potential UFOs While Filming Aurora Borealis

Ivan Vagner, a Russian cosmonaut currently orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station (ISS), claims to have captured footage of potential UFOs while recording…

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How To Take A Virtual Tour Of The ISS

How to take a virtual tour around the International Space Station. https://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/how-to-take-a-look-around-the-international-space-station/ (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

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