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UFO Shaped Disc Found On Florida Beach Said To Be African Fishing Device

UFO shaped disc found on Florida beach reported to be African fishing device. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/05/05/Disc-shaped-object-on-Florida-beach-identified-as-African-fishing-device/6551588702477/ (Photo courtesy of Kauai Daily News)

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Florida Man Excited To Go Fishing Pumps Gasoline Into Wrong Part Of Boat

Florida Man so excited to go fishing he pumps gasoline into wrong part of boat. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/01/28/Man-pumps-30-gallons-of-gas-into-wrong-part-of-boat/4411580234210/ (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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8 Year Old Australian Boy Reels In 692 Pound Tiger Shark

An 8 year old Australian boy, fishing with his dad, reeled in a 692 pound tiger shark. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2019/10/14/Boy-8-may-have-broken-record-with-692-pound-tiger-shark/8211571082704/?sl=2 (Photo courtesy of Channel 3000)

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