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Record Breaking Astronaut, Christina Koch, Can Be Watched As She Returns To Earth Wednesday

Record breaking astronaut, Christina Koch, can be watched as she returns to Earth Wednesday. https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/how-to-watch-christina-koch-return-to-earth/ (Photo courtesy of ABC)

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Saturday, Astronaut Christina Koch Will Break Record Of Longest Space Flight By A Woman

Astronaut, Christina Koch, will make history this Saturday when she breaks the record of longest space flight by a woman. https://apple.news/ASvQ2_MvhTgaxUPeJu3EwSQ (Photo courtesy of News…

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Space Walker Christina Koch’s Spacesuit Glove Got Contaminated During Historic Space Walk Friday

One of Christina Koch’s gloves got contaminated during her historic spacewalk on Friday. https://www.space.com/spacesuit-gloves-contaminated-during-spacewalk-christina-koch.html (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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