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Survivor Of 1972 Plane Crash In South America Speaks Out On Cannibalism Among Those Who Remained Alive

Survivor of a 1972 plane crash in South America, where those who remained alive resorted to cannibalism, has spoken out about his experiences. https://www.ladbible.com/news/interesting-survivor-of-1972-plane-crash-recalls-eating-flesh-of-his-friends-20210405 (Photo…

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Two Oklahoma Men Lure Victim Into Woods, Perform Genital Surgery, Tell Victim They Will Eat Parts They Cut Off

Two Oklahoma men lure victim into their cabin, and perform genital surgery, telling victim after operation, they will eat the body parts they cut off….

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Cannibalism On Rise Among Polar Bears In Wild

Cannibalism is on the rise among polar bears in the wild. https://people.com/pets/cannibalism-on-rise-among-polar-bears/ (Photo courtesy of WVTM 13 Birmingham)

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CANNIBALISM By MoonJoey Before you read any further be forewarned…. the following may be upsetting & shocking and is not suitable for younger readers or…

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