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Bill To Overhaul Canada’s Privacy Framework Coming Soon

Innovation, Science and Industry Minister Navdeep Bains is set to introduce legislation to overhaul Canada’s privacy framework. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/privacy-bill-bains-1.5801613 (Photo courtesy of The Canadian Press)

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Remote Canadian Town Programs Radar To Spot Polar Bears

Churchill, a remote Canadian town, programs radar to spot polar bears. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-canada-arctic-polar-bears-idUSKBN27Q0ND (Photo courtesy of World Wildlife Fund)

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Trudeau Keeping Canada-USA Border Closed

Trudeau says Canada-USA border will remain closed until US gets Coronavirus under control. https://www.foxnews.com/world/trudeau-border-closed-coronavirus-under-control (Photo courtesy of SCMP)

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Small Washington Town Being Hurt By US-Canada Border Closure

Canada-US border closure is hurting Small US town. https://hosted.ap.org/summitdaily/article/252b7416bf4fd379f136f7a4b433655e/residents-lawmakers-seek-fix-us-canada-border-closure (Photo courtesy of castanet.net)

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Chrystia Freeland Becomes Canada’s First Female Finance Minister

Former journalist Chrystia Freeland becomes Canada’s first female finance minister. https://hosted.ap.org/summitdaily/article/32abf3669f17f731b253c800755142ca/ex-journalist-freeland-canada%E2%80%99s-1st-female-finance-minister (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Tensions Rise Between Canada And The US Over COVID-19

Tensions rise between Canada and the US over COVID-19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53742684 (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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UFO Sightings Across Canada Have Spiked During Pandemic

UFO sightings across Canada have spiked during the pandemic. https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/mobile/ufo-sightings-across-canada-have-spiked-during-the-pandemic-1.5038118 (Photo courtesy of CTV News)

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Cyclist Rides 3,666 Miles Across Canada In 20 Days

Cyclist rides 3,666 miles across Canada in 20 days. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/07/07/Cyclist-rides-3666-miles-across-Canada-in-20-days/4531594146162/ (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Alberta’s UCP Government To Take Money Away From Crime Victims To Fund Policing Initiatives

Alberta’s UCP government is taking money away from victims to fund policing initiatives in the province, a move opponents of the proposed legislation changes have called unethical and a “ploy.”…

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Wet’Suwet’En Strike Historic Deal With Canada’s Government Over Territorial Rights

A group of Indigenous leaders has struck an unprecedented deal with Canada’s government to resolve a dispute over territorial rights. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/15/canada-wetsuweten-historic-deal-land-rights-pipeline (Photo courtesy of The…

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