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Study Shows Humans Will Not Be Able To Contain Superintelligent AI

In a new study, researchers from Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Human Development say they’ve shown that an artificial intelligence in the category known as…

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Japan Spending $19 Million On AI Matchmaking To Boost Declining Birthrate

Japan spending $19 million on AI matchmaking to boost declining birth rate. https://www.unilad.co.uk/technology/japan-is-spending-19-million-on-ai-matchmaking-to-boost-declining-birth-rate/ Photo courtesy of Unilad)

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MIT Pulls Massive AI Dataset Over Racist And Misogynistic Content

MIT pulls massive AI dataset over racist and misogynistic content. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/mit-pulls-massive-ai-dataset-over-racist-misogynistic-content (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft Arrives At ISS; Delivers CIMON 2 To Replace Robot That Had Meltdown

SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station Sunday. The spacecraft carried many items of value to ISS, including an upgraded version of…

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Toronto Company Creates Deepest Deepfake; Joe Rogan Audio And Video

Toronto-based outfit has created the “deepest deepfake yet,” and claims it is the world’s first to combine audio and video. The result is technologically amazing…

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AI Moving Into Field Of ‘Care’

AI is moving into the ‘care’ field. It’s not to replace, diagnose, nor treat patients; it’s to lay a groundwork with pertinent information for a…

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Scotland Police To Use AI Recognition Drones To Help Locate Missing And Vulnerable People

Scotland police are going to use AI Recognition Drones to help locate missing and vulnerable people. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-50262650 (Photo courtesy of Drone Below)

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Brothel Outside Area 51 Provides AI Robotics In Virtual Reality

Area 51 brothel is offering AI sex robots for global customers. The UFO themed business, called Alien Cathouse, is located just outside Area 51, and…

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UK To Launch Mayflower Autonomous Ship To Mark 400th Anniversary Of Pilgrims Coming To America

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship will launch from the UK in September 2020. Its voyage will mark the 400th anniversary of the pilgrim ship which brought European…

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