Spiritual Development, Ghosts, And Psychic Abilities

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By Serena Dracis

Spiritual Development, Ghosts, And Psychic Abilities

It’s not a matter of when shit got weird. It was always weird for me. As long as I can remember. There have just been varying degrees of acceptance and ability.

Believe me, there have been times where I have doubted my senses, shut down what I was seeing and feeling. Been in denial about my own abilities. Have had times where I wished I didn’t have them.

There have also, most assuredly been those times that are deeply, soul-enriching. These are directly attributable to regular practice and exercise of my psychic senses as part of my daily life and spiritual practice. Also to facing, and overcoming my fears about my innate psychic senses.

It all started, with ghosts. I grew up in house with a ghost, and have lived in multiple haunted properties since. I’m kind of a ghost magnet, for, well, reasons.

I wrote about that first ghost, in my childhood home, here. But I also wrote about a couple other ghostly encounters here and here.

I have just always been very sensitive to the energies of deceased beings – human and animal.

It can be uber-terrifying to encounter a ghost. It usually happens when you’re least ready for it, and a lot of ghosts do enjoy causing a bit of terror in the living. Of course, the opposite can be true. Resident spirits can also be helpful, protective, even humorous.

Why such variation? Well, they’re still people.  They just don’t have a body anymore.

Why they’re a ghost, that’s pretty much a case-by-case basis, but there are some broad commonalities:

  • Trauma
  • Emotional Attachment.
  • Unaware of own demise.

Yeah that last one – for real! Some are not aware they’re dead. Talking with them can be as painful for the medium who has to convey that information as it is the being who’s just realizing their state.

Every medium has their own way of communicating. Some hear the spirit speaking words, others see full-body apparitions who speak. Some get purely telepathic communications. Or any combination thereof.

Mediumship, or communicating with the dead, is a type of psychic skill that you can learn to develop, if you’re so inclined. Acting as a medium involves use of one of more psychic abilities.

Often, becoming aware of ghosts, spirits is one of the earliest signs of awakening psychic abilities. Developing your medium abilities can be an important step in your spiritual growth.

Yes, you can develop your own natural psychic abilities.

We are all psychic, and can access to these senses to varying degrees. These psychic senses are often referred to as “clairs.” Other people who have dedicated much more time than I to studying them, have written plenty. It’s all over the Internet. Here is a list of some of the most common:

  • Clairvoyance – clear sight. Seeing things with either physical eyes or inner vision (third eye).
  • Clairaudience – clear hearing. Hearing sounds, words, either with inner or physical ears.
  • Clairsentience – clear feeling. Receive information by feeling through the whole body.
  • Clairscent – clear smelling. To perceive scents, smells, aromas that are not physically present. Closely allied with Clairaugustance – clear tasting. Tasting without a physical presence in the mouth.
  • Clairtangency – clear touching. To perceive through the sensation of touch information about an object or area. Also known as psychometry.
  • Clairempathy – clear emotions. The ability to sense the emotions of another, present or not.
  • Channel/Channeling – Acting as a conduit of information from non-physical beings.

If just reading over that list gave you a “YES” reaction in your gut, that’s a pretty good indication you should do some further investigation. Go with that same gut feeling when doing your research to let you know what’s a good fit for you.

What do you want to study? What area of the paranormal calls to you? Have you had your own ghostly encounters and want to know more?

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Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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