The Space Force Will Be With Us

Astronauts Complete Last Of Three Spacewalks

Speaking to military men and women at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California, Tuesday, March 13, 2018, President Donald Trump announced to the men and women present, things were going to change, and they would be changing quickly.
As he spoke, the president emphasized his belief in world peace through strength, and promised the largest pay raise in over a decade for members of the armed forces. He said the 2019 military budget would reflect the biggest buildup since Ronald Reagan, and one of the largest buildups in the history of the United States. President Trump stated the proposed military budget would be $716 billion in 2019, and was quoted as saying that, “We are investing in the greatest weapon, the most beautiful weapon. Our most brilliant weapon — you.”
President Trump’s next announcement introduced his new National Space Strategy. He said we would soon be going to Mars, and that Space is a war-fighting domain. As the US has military for the land, sea, and air, he envisions a United States Space Force.
The president stated our  astronauts historically have been drawn from the military,  and he believes service members will be vital to ensuring America continues to lead its way into the stars.


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