Sounds From Hell

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By MoonJoey

Sounds From Hell

Sounds of torment, screaming, wailing in pain & agony… from Hell itself?

This is what some would have you believe after listening to the alleged recording that can be listened to here: (notice the video is 3:33 in duration? – 1/2 of ‘666’- cute…)

If you have listened to this recording before, it is indeed disturbing to a degree but most upsetting to our own applied fears rather than the substance of it.

The story goes that Russian scientists attempted to drill a borehole at the limits of technological capabilities of the time, somewhere around 1989. The hole was said to have been approximately 14.5 kilometers deep or 9 miles. Temperatures at that depth exceeded 1100 degrees centigrade or 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. Amazing as that may seem, the biggest claim of this effort was what happened when the drilling met no resistance, indicative of encountering an open cavity. In curiosity, a microphone was said to be lowered to listen in the cavity. What was recorded shook the observers to their cores. It was what seemed to be a multitude of human voices, crying out in distress, screaming as if in horrible pain for approximately 17 seconds. This legend tells of the scientists being so disturbed by this, they quit the drilling effort immediately and sealed the borehole.

As with every sensational story, it gets embellished beyond the original conception of it. It was now being said those who remained before the borehole was sealed, witnessed a “luminous burst of gas” coming out, and get this, in the shape of a gigantic winged demon! Wait, there’s more… visible in the flames were the words “I have conquered” in the Russian language! Those who witnessed this event sought medical attention afterward in efforts to calm themselves from this psychologically disturbing event. As the story spread, consensus was that the drilling team had unintentionally drilled into the very location of hell itself. Media ran with this and the news became viral, causing even the Trinity Broadcasting Network to run a show about it detailing how the scientists had discovered hell. Several other religious shows and publications also covered the incident as well.

Now that I have your attention, know that there is no substantiated facts or evidence to back up this incredible claim. Furthermore, an analysis of known facts given about the drilling effort do not hold up to scrutiny.

There is no such known borehole in Siberia. The 1100 degree centigrade temperature claimed is approximately 800 degrees hotter than the actual limits drilling equipment can handle. People screaming in agony? Do they still have bodies? Wouldn’t they be obliterated/melted? I don’t know about you but I am uncomfortable with anything approaching 38 degrees centigrade (100 degrees fahrenheit), let alone the extreme temperatures stated. The audio clip itself, when analyzed, seems to possess looping and the very fact it is muffled to a point, makes its authenticiy questionable.

So, basically this story is a hoax, but like any good story that captures the imagination of the public, it survives and lives on with an increasing amount of embellishments. After all, who says hell, if it exists, has to be a physical place. Why would it be? In the ‘hereafter’ or what should be better described as the ‘afterhere’, we don’t take our bodies with us. We don’t need those ole’ vocal chords to scream with, right? Perhaps hell is what’s left of us, consciously knowing we are entering a state of entropy, slowing fading out of existence permanently. Now that is a scarey thought!

Santa, if you’re out there listening, I’ve been a good boy!

  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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