Sometimes You Just Have To Vent!

In another edition of ‘As The Dave Turns’, I woke up this morning with a little bit of anger and frustration coming out of the last couple nights of shows.  It wasn’t the guests.  Nor was it the topics.  In fact I really enjoyed them and found myself engaged fully, which can be a rarity at times.  But the last couple of nights, in one of our chat rooms, the normally docile and relaxed chat started becoming quite snarky, and I have to admit, I’ve been caught off guard by it.  Why?  Usually I can handle snarky comments, because when you have the professional snarkers on Twitter, as we do nightly, you build a thick skin and learn to see the humour in it.  But this has been different.  Almost as if the audience has been insulted in some way because a few guests haven’t resonated with them.  That is something I’m always aware and conscious of, to be honest.
But what irked me the last few nights in the chat room was the attitude of people.  Making things personal towards the guest.  I’ve always said the chat room on Spreaker isn’t a democracy, it is Daveunism.  Why?  Because I pay for it, that’s why.  I want to make sure that everyone feels at home in our chat room.  It’s a place where everyone can escape, share their opinion with the utmost respect without fear or retribution of being attacked for a set of personal beliefs or experiences.  It’s a place where people can feel safe and treated with the dignity that they may or may not get in their every day lives.  It’s supposed to be a place where, even if you don’t agree with me, or more importantly, the guest, that we show a modicum of respect towards the content and the guest themselves.
Yet this week, I’m not quite sure what happened.  For the first time Friday night, I actually left my own chat room out of frustration.  People were mocking the guest and the subject matter.  More obvious were the little shots and digs they were taking at me.  I’ve got big shoulders.  There’s a lot I can take and a lot I have taken.  For the most part, I can usually let things run off my back because I chose to be in the media field and in the public eye.  That decision always comes with a level of scrutiny.  Over the years, we’ve had people come and go.  It’s a real treat and pleasure that anyone would come at all.  However, as much as the chat room is open for open discussion, I’m used to our listeners being polite and courteous.  Recently, not so much!
So to our listeners, especially the regulars who bless us with their precious time on a nightly or almost nightly basis, I want to convey a quick reminder to you.  I love the fact that you choose to spend your time with us nightly.  I’m happy I’ve been able to earn the trust, respect and listening ears of so many over our history.  But every now and again, people, including myself, need a reminder to bring things back into perspective.  Today’s blog is that reminder.
Dear Listener,

I know every show isn’t going to be a gem.  I know every show isn’t going to be perfect or up to your standards of what we are used to.  But know that we try.  I try very hard every night to bring something new, and entertaining.  The majority of time, the guests are going to work.  Sometimes we are going to have some stinkers.  I know this.  I worry about it every night.  What I’m trying to do is bring new voices in these subjects to the table.  Not all of them are going to be rock stars.  I want you to hear different opinions rather than the same old, same old every single night.

Also, please understand that while we are growing SOR to new levels, on a personal level, I’m tired.  I work usually six to seven days a week, with only a few hours a day to relax and calm down.  Sunday is usually that day.  But there’s always work to be done.  I work, on average, 15 to 17 hours a day.  I have my daytime job which comes with an immense amount of responsibility.  I have the show, where I do all of the booking, I produce, I do all the commercials, I edit, I am my own researcher, and I host the show.  On top of that, I try to respond to each and every one of you at a quick turn around so that way you don’t feel left out or ignored.

The only thing I ask for in return, is when you’re in my chat room, that I pay for, be cordial.  If you don’t like a guest, there’s no need for a cheap shot.  There’s no need for a snide comment.  There’s no need to fire a shot over my bow.   Or make comments about muting the show and turning YouTube on, but continue chatting anyway.  I work way too damn hard for that type of disrespect.  And frankly, I’m bothered by some of the comments I’ve read lately.  I’m doing my best to entertain you.  But remember, with me owning that chat room, I have no problem piping up and saying something.  Which is what I’m doing in my blog today.

Take a walk in my shoes.  Where I pretty much have no family life.  My little guy I haven’t cuddled and put to bed in months. I haven’t been on a date with Mrs. SOR in over a year.  I don’t help with homework or many of those daily house hold chores, because I’m working my ass off for all of you, and SOR.   Try averaging five to six hours of sleep a night, where even though you’re sleeping, your mind is always racing.  Take a walk in my shoes for a month.  Everyone who is in my inner circle wouldn’t even dare to.  Yet I do.  For you, and the dream of SOR becoming something incredibly special.  You can come along for the ride or your can fire your arrows from the outside.  That choice is yours.  But I’m going to keep busting my ass to make this happen because I know this is something I need to do.  For me, and for all of you!