So for the last few weeks, for some reason, I have seen a lot of abuse on my news feed on Facebook, which I have found vile and disgusting.  Everything on Facebook always seems to be so cyclical from pictures of what people are having for dinner, to political ties, to the NRA being supported or called a terrorist organisation, to sports teams of your favorite team.  But recently there has been a trend that has been absolutely disgusting.  And frankly seeing what I’ve seen recently, has really made me sick to my stomach.  And frankly, with the way Facebook flags everything from saying thank you to too many birthday wishes in a row, to saying you’re spamming people for tagging people in your own group to come chat during your radio show (that happened to me numerous times), I’m very surprised they are allowing all of these videos of sadistic violence?  From the elderly being beaten, to this new series of videos which show the mutilation of pets, namely cats and dogs.  From tying fireworks to the pets to beating them with a baseball bat.  It’s disgusting.  It’s not needed.  It’s violent and vile.  The fact that Facebook has been banning such minuscule posts and panderings and allows these horrid videos, it’s unconscionable on how they allow this to happen?
Recently, I’ve been seeing these types of videos daily.  Today for instance, I had someone post a video they shared on their profile which showed this coward dude beating his dog on the head with a baseball bat, while the dog is tied up to an outdoor stair railing.  What sick mother f–ker does this?  And who films this crap?  Who thinks filming this is okay?  And just as important, who thinks its okay to share this bullshit?  When did animal cruelty become part of the ‘norm’?  I see four evils here.  The fact that Facebook is allowing these videos to be passed around.  The idiots who are committing the heinous act.  The person who is filming said act.  And the person who is sharing it.  You know, I realize the “I’m offended” crowd feels the need to share all sorts of crap on social media, but do you ever sit back and think?  These people who are committing these animal atrocities love the fact that you, the person sharing these videos, are making them famous.  They have no heart or soul.  If they did, they sure as hell wouldn’t be doing what they are doing.  Every time they see their video has been shared, they are laughing.  Then, the comments people make are just fuel to the fire.  They’re laughing at you being “offended”.  Stop sharing.  Report these videos either to police or to Facebook or any social media platform you see this crap on, and get it banned.  These animals, which is what they are animals, pun intended, do not deserve anything outside of a court date in front of a judge for their actions.
So I’ve decided to take action.  I’m banning people from my Facebook and Twitter profiles if I see this crap come along my feed.  I don’t need to see it, nor do my friends or anyone checking out my profile or the people I associate with.  I do not condone this.  I don’t support this type of action, even sharing these videos.  I can tell you point blank, if I see you post it, and it comes across my feed, I don’t care who you are or how close to me you are, you’re gone.  End of story.  If you ask me why, I will tell you this.  YOU are part of the problem.  YOU are allowing these morons to get famous.  YOU are promoting animal violence by sharing it, because this is a copycat society, unfortunately, just like school shootings.  Which means, the way these idiots who think it’s cool to do, will look for something more vile and disgusting to do.  For some reason we always want to one-up the last one.  Now, I understand there will be people stating that if they don’t bring it to people’s attention on social media, the disgusting acts will be covered up and go underground again.  I don’t believe that.  Why?  Because people are addicted to social media.  People for some reason feel there is need to post garbage on their personal profile.  So the idiots out there will post it because they think its funny.  It’s not funny.  Sharing these posts are not funny.  Making these types of people go viral is a disgrace.  And we only have people like us on social media to blame for that.
So what should be done about it?  How about calling the police?  How about reporting these videos to Facebook or Twitter?  How about instead of sharing it, reporting the profile, whether it’s the Chinese beating dogs to death for dinner?  Whether it’s Joe six-pack kicking the shit out of his cat?  Report it!  Something can be done about this.  Instead of being offended, do something about it!  You have the power, and the ability to do that.  Being offended and sharing the post only makes you part of the problem.  Look, I’m not a tree hugger or a PETA activist.  What I am is a pet owner.  I have a hard time saying no when my kids have brought pets home.  Why?  I love animals.  They seem to complete a family.  I have three dogs, two cats and a rabbit at our home.  My daughter, who lives on her own, as a dog, cat and ferret.  And if my daughter needed to re-home one of them, she knows she could bring them here, and the animals would have a forever home.  Pets are part of the family.  And if you aren’t going to make them part of your family forever, stop owning pets.  It’s pretty simple actually.  That animal is trusting you for their livelihood.  They aren’t a prize that you win at an amusement park.  They’re a commitment.  And in return, the amazing love and protection they can provide are phenomenal.  I don’t get how anyone could take advantage of that?
So to wrap this up, here’s what I can say.  Don’t bring those videos around me.  I don’t need them on my profile because it’s not what I want to see, nor any of the Spaced Out Radio listeners who view my friends list and profiles as well.  You’re not doing any favours by sharing that crap.  Grow up and stop.  Just stop.  No one needs it.  Definitely not me.
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