Smoke-Free Energy Cleansing

Removing heavy energies is an essential part of personal spiritual hygiene. Our bodies and personal spaces become entangled with the emotions, thoughts and energies of the people and places where we spend our time. Cleaning your energy on a regular basis is just as important as showering, vacuuming and doing the dishes. Practicing energy cleansing weekly, or even daily, can make dramatic improvements in your own mood and well-being.
What’s Heavy Energy?
Sometimes referred to as ‘dark’ or ‘negative’ these are energies that are lower in vibration; sadness, anger, grief, jealousy, to name just a few. They’re all part of the normal range of human emotions, but to wallow in then for extended periods of time is not good for anyone.
These energies tend to linger. Just like dust bunnies they collect in the corners and pockets of our home and energetic body. You can overlook them for a while, but eventually they’re going to grow until you just can’t ignore their presence. In extreme cases, these energies can take on a sort-of life of their own, manifesting as paranormal activity.
If you’ve done any sort of spiritual development, you’re likely familiar with the concept that thoughts and emotions are powerful. All of our creativity and motivation stems from them. Indeed, our very identity is dependent upon the thoughts and emotions running through us. Learning to understand and work with your own is a key element of any spiritual development practice. Utilizing some form of energy cleansing and healing will only enhance your spiritual progress.
The most common method of energy clearing is smudging with sage. Walk into any metaphysical supply and you will find bundled sage for sale for this very purpose. With good reason – it works. Sage has been used for millennia because of its gentle cleansing and healing properties. Light the bundle, blow out the flame and waft the sweet smoke over your body and around the room with the intention of carrying the heavy energies away.
But what if lighting some herb and blowing around a bunch of smoke just isn’t possible? Lots of places and situations need cleansing, but traditional smudging cannot be used. Not to worry – there are plenty of other methods. Here’s a sampling that you can adapt to almost any situation.
The common thread to all these methods though, is your intention. Prior to using any of these, pause. Take some deep breaths, clear your mind, and focus on what you’re doing. You can imagine the heavy energies evaporating, floating out the window, or washing away – use whatever visualization, mantra, or personal ritual you prefer. The important element is that you maintain this focus and intention as you’re cleansing. Simply going through the motions while you’re thinking about what you’ll be doing on the weekend will result in little to no cleansing effect.
Alcohol and Salt Lamp
The use of a flame can be particularly cleansing, and this method is one of my favorites. If you’re concerned about smoke or heavy scent, but have the ability to light a flame, this method is particularly effective. In my experience, it packs more punch than sage alone.
It’s a very simple method. Take some Epsom salts and rubbing alcohol, put it in a fire-proof container and light it. It produces a lovely bluish flame that quickly burns away heavy, lingering energies, leaving the space feeling sparkly clean.
How much? Use just enough alcohol to cover the salt. It should be a thick slurry, not a thin, runny mix.
Simply standing in front of the flame, and rotating so your front and back are exposed to it is enough to cleanse your energy body. But to effectively cleanse a room, it’s best to walk the flame around the perimeter, bringing it to each corner. You will, of course, need to carry the flaming container safely. Use a small pan with a heatproof handle, or pot holders/gloves to protect your hands. Go slow so you don’t slosh the flaming mix onto your floor or yourself!
Two important points to keep in mind:
1. It’s an open flame. Be safe.
2. A little goes a long way. You do not need a cauldron full of this mix. The tiny tins that some tealight candles are sold in are the perfect size for personal and room clearing. Take the candle out first! Fill the tin with salt about ¾ full, add enough alcohol to just cover the salt, but not so much it overflows the tin. Place the tin on a saucer and now any surface it sits on is protected from the heat, or you can carry it safely.
Crystals and Stones
Rocks, gems and crystals are our earth allies. They each have individual metaphysical properties, and many are protective and cleansing. You’ll find once you start working with crystals that you can discern each one’s personality. With enough time, you can develop distinct relationships with your crystals.
Most of these work in a passive fashion. Wear them, carry them, set them on a desk, or around your home to reap their benefits continuously.
Selenite – a lovely white to clear crystal, highly effective at removing and clearing heavy energies. Hold it while meditating, or pass it over your body. Using a selenite wand after work is especially beneficial. Comb it over your aura to remove any negativity you might have brought home.
Amethyst – gorgeous purple to lavender crystals have been used for centuries to purify and protect. Its use in jewelry makes it easy to wear this gem for daily protection. Placing clusters in a room can help keep lower vibrational entities away, and in your bedroom it’s said to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.
Black Tourmaline – shiny black, with a long history as a protective stone. Black tourmaline is said to transmute negative energy, repel psychic attacks back to the sender and keep negative entities from approaching. You can wear it, or carry it on your person, or use it to form a protective grid around your home. Place chunks of it near doors and windows, and around the perimeter of your property. If you live in an apartment or townhome, place it in the corners of your living space to prevent energies from your neighbors seeping through the walls.
Obsidian – also a shiny black stone that shields against negative energies and entities. Can be used in the same manner as Black Tourmaline.
These are all readily available. Cleansing your stones before using them though is highly recommended. A salt water rinse, smudging, put them under the light of a full moon – or all three – will clear any residual energies clinging to them and allow them to attune to you. Cleanse any stone, crystal or gem you bring into your space to ensure the highest possible connection and best use.
But there’s always an exception…
Do Not use water on selenite. It will cause it to dissolve. Selenite is such a high vibration crystal that it typically does not need cleansing; it clears itself. Although with heavy use, if you sense it needs a clearing you can smudge, and/or put it under the full moon.
Smudging Elixirs
A smudging elixir is an energy clearing liquid. Instead of wafting smoke, you spritz a fine mist over you and around your space. They are crafted using a combination of pure water, essential oils, and gem elixirs. Salt is often mixed in as well for its purification properties.
Smudging elixirs are especially useful when travelling to clear your hotel rooms. No flames, no smoke, and they leave a very light, pleasant fragrance.
You can purchase these online, or at your local metaphysical store. Or you can make your own; the Internet is full of recipes and helpful advice.
Each one of these techniques will work alone, but combining them gives your spiritual hygiene added effect. Work with each one. Pay attention to how you feel before, and after. You’ll likely find some days you only need a quick swish with selenite, but others you need a more rigorous ‘scrubbing’ by lighting a salt/alcohol lamp as you comb with selenite.
Remember to keep your mind focused, and hold on to your intention of releasing and clearing.
Get into a habit of regular energetic cleansing and you’ll be surprised at how much faster your spiritual practice will grow.


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