Shhhhhh! Dave Scott’s Christmas Gift

Hear ye! Hear ye!!

To All Spaced Out Radio Listeners,

Be ye

Fans, Audience, Guests! 

We have an opportunity to give our Host, Commander, Chief, and all around Super Guy, who never takes a day off, nor stops thinking about and planning for Spaced Out Radio, a SPECIAL HOLIDAY GIFT!

Yes friends, here is the coolest Christmas gift for Dave Scott! As you all know (or will appreciate knowing, now), Dave broadcasts his nightly show on YouTube. People really like his presence there, and his audience has grown tremendously. What we have learned is he only needs 190 people to subscribe to his show, and he will have added 10,000 people as subscribers. This is his wish; to have 10,000 subscribers before the end of the year.

Please, jump over to YouTube as soon as you can, click on the Subscriber button, and make yourself be counted as a loyal listener. It will make Dave’s Christmas, and yours, too, as you join the fun, brilliant, and dedicated audience who climb aboard the SOR Woo Train every night.

Thank you so much, as we take the opportunity to give just a little back to Dave after all he gives to us!


SOR Staff