Seventy-Four Years And Counting: Roswell, Visited Again

And Another Thing…

By Gail Hodson Shirk, News Director SOR

Seventy-Four Years And Counting: Roswell, Visited Again

Anyone who has given any thought to UFOs and aliens has most likely heard of Roswell, New Mexico, and the event in July, 1947 that took the UFO discussion to a whole new level.

Albeit, the United States Army Air Forces maintained one of its balloons crashed at the site, the general belief of citizens then and now is the crash was something extraterrestrial in nature. Complicating the situation at the time, was the fact that on July 8, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field, later calling it a mistake, issued a press release stating they had recovered a flying disc from a ranch near Roswell. Within short order, the press release was retracted, and their official statement changed the crashed object to a weather balloon.

Nothing much has been revealed over the years since the crash, until now. After all the time that has elapsed, a letter recently emerged that is purported to describe in detail eyewitness testimony of a member of the 414 Fighter Group which had been sent to Roswell to help cover up the crash of an extraterrestrial flying disc.

The letter is reportedly among papers and letters that had been collected over the years by the renowned ufologist and physicist, Stanton Friedman. Friedman was the first civilian to document the site of The Roswell Incident, and supported the hypothesis that it was a genuine crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

In 1968 Friedman told a committee of the United States House of Representatives that there is evidence indicating Earth was being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial crafts. Friedman also stated he believed that UFO sightings appeared to be consistent with magnetohydrodynamic propulsion.

Friedman’s letter came to him from a man named Shawn (last name is unavailable) from Texas, who claimed to be the son of a military witness to The Roswell Incident.

The letter begins, “A friend gave me your address and said you want to hear from family members of military men who witnessed anything related to flying saucers during their service. I have a first-hand eyewitness account given to me by my father regarding flying saucers and aliens that I think you should hear. I also have relevant documentary evidence left to me by my father that I would like you to examine.”

Shawn’s story unfolds with his father, who was being transported to a crash site, telling him, “he was informed by a military policeman that a rocket had crash landed on US soil. Eventually, they arrived at an air base in New Mexico, but the military police they encountered there tried to prevent them from entering the property. His father said, when the General told the MPs the airmen were ‘his boys,’ they were allowed to pass.

“On the ground, his father saw the scattered remains of some sort of crashed aircraft. He said he had seen the remains of crashed fighters and bombers in the Pacific, but this was different from anything he had ever seen before.

“His father told him he was the only one on site who was familiar with the internal workings of a jet aircraft, since he had studied jet propulsion and trained as a mechanic on the Army’s first jet fighter, the P-80 Shooting Star. The General knew of my father’s familiarity with advanced jet aircraft, and he asked my father to take a look at the wreckage and see what he could make of it.

“My father described the wreckage as unusual, in that nothing resembled the shape of a regular airplane or rocket. He said there were chunky pieces of a relatively intact metal frame and many smaller, thinner pieces of what looked like a fuselage. Everything was made of a strange metal alloy, that he called ‘unobtanium’, very light and strong. Some of the pieces could not be bent, while others were extremely flexible. There were also some pieces that appeared to be rusted on the outside or to have been subjected to very high heat.

“There were no discernible welds or rivets anywhere in the wreckage, and my father said it looked as if the entire ship had somehow been cast in one piece. There were no motors or moving parts at all, no propellers, jets, or nozzles. There were no visible cables, switches, gauges, vacuum tubes, or electronics of any kind. There were what looked like long, small lights; solid pieces of plastic of what he called ‘spaghetti’ that were not wires or tubes, with no apparent function. There were strange characters on some of the pieces, a type of writing only on the inside of the ship; there were no marks on the outside.

“There were also a bunch of loose objects with no apparent purpose. The strangest objects found were metal reclining seats the size of a child, with notches for the head, body, arms and legs, including notches for hands with spaces for six fingers.

“There were three small bodies packed in ice that were decomposing and smelled bad that were loaded onto my father’s plane. He was told they were the crew of the crashed ship.

“He said the creatures were small and fragile humanoids with skin that looked like that of a shark, unusually large heads, two arms, six fingers on each hand, two legs, two large eyes with no lids, a mouth, and a nose, no ears, teeth, or genitalia, and were the perfect size and shape to fit the formed metal reclining seats he had seen among the wreckage.”

The letter continues, “My father said that he and the rest of the crew were immediately questioned by intelligence agents, who ordered them never to talk about what they had seen, forcing them to sign a confidentiality agreement that would be enforced under penalty of treason.

“He also said the wreckage was taken to a hangar somewhere and carefully reassembled like a giant puzzle, revealing a saucer-shaped ship. Also, among the things he observed and later learned included:

• When electrical currents were applied to parts of the ship and the materials within it, they changed shape and exhibited strange properties.

• The ship’s frame and fuselage were found to incorporate wiring and circuitry that were invisible to the naked eye.

• The creatures had circulatory systems, but no digestive organs.

• It was determined that the cause of the accident was lightning that struck the ship.

• The origin of the ship was never determined.

• It was determined that the ship could travel and maneuver faster than the speed of light.

“He claimed that the creatures were connected to the ship through a form of wireless technology, and that the brains of the creatures served as onboard computers for the ship. It is for those reasons that an identical ship that was recovered was never able to have been made functional and why there were later unsuccessful efforts to clone the creatures.

“For many years I have kept my father’s secrets,” the letter reads. “He died unexpectedly a few years ago and since then I have wondered what to do with the information he left me. I think now is the time to reveal what I know and ask for help, the ‘right time’ that my father referred to. He clearly believed that I should try to develop the technology and commercialize it, but I lack the resources to do so. However, I have studied it intensively and made some progress in my understanding of the technologies involved and how they can be applied.

“I’m not looking for publicity or notoriety. What I want is someone to help me develop the technology my father left me.”

Is this letter legitimate, the genuine proffering from a son who kept his father’s secrets for seventy-four years? Should the UFO community believe the information contained therein, and move forward with what it has learned? The fact that Stanton Friedman had held onto the letter lends a lot of weight to the validity of it. All the answers lie within the community, and how it chooses to apply the decades old missive to current UFO and alien knowledge and understanding. We shall see where this goes.