Sandwiches, Ice Cream, Floats, and Ghosts

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A charming, old fashioned sandwich shop on the East Side of San Antonio, Texas, temporarily closed its doors to deal with a frightening, uninvited guest. The OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe, which serves sandwiches and ice cream floats, also is a museum of sorts for the sights and sounds of historic musicians.
The owners of the cafe, Joe and April Ward, closed their doors this past week to deal with a night visitor. Several times April had found a rope barricade in the cafe knocked over when she arrived for work in the morning. After making certain no one was getting in through the roof, she and her husband decided to look at the security video.
As the video played, they observed what appeared to be a child playing with the barricade, and finally knocking it to the ground. Startled and frightened, the couple left the building and shut the cafe down to decide what they had seen, and to make sure everyone coming into their cafe, in the future, would be safe.
After repeated viewing of the video, the Wards believe it is a ghost. April said it wouldn’t be that unusual, due to the heavy paranormal activity in San Antonio. She described how there was so much fighting and death there, having been the site of the famed Alamo.
They now have reopened the cafe, and are moving ahead with their business. The Wards believe a resident ghost just makes work, and dining there more interesting, and exciting.