This week is an excited time for Spaced Out Radio and myself, as I will be leaving on Friday morning to fly to San Francisco to be a speaker at UFO CON 2018, which I encourage all our listeners to come to.  The conference, which will be held at the Holiday Inn Airport hotel in south San Fran, will see some of the biggest and best speakers attending and to be new to this crowd is a pretty humbling experience, I can tell you this.
Lorien Fenton, who’s been a guest on the show numerous times before, runs this conference.  Lorien’s reputation helps her bring in the biggest names when it comes to UFOlogy.  Grant Cameron, Melinda Leslie, Miesha Johnston, Preston Dennett, Steven Bassett, Sasha and Janet Lessin to name a few of an impact weekend with the focus being on Disclosure.  It’s going to be a great weekend indeed.  What I’m most excited though, came after talking to Butch Witkowski about the event.  Butch saw that I was a speaker, and said, “Congratulations!  You’re finally getting in with the big crowd now.  Well deserved!”  I had never thought about it that way but after reviewing the list over and over, it’s still a little startling to see my name on the list of speakers.
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So even though there is going to be some major announcements about Disclosure, I’ve been asked to speak on my personal experiences on how I got into the paranormal.  So in the hour that I get to speak, which will be Sunday afternoon, I will be detailing the strangeness of ‘My Happily Boring Life’.  Lorien felt it was a great way to introduce me, and Spaced Out Radio to a targeted group of people who may not know about the show yet, or have had the chance to listen.  Yes, we’ll talk about Carl and the show, along with bigfoot and some other stories that go around.  My hope is to open up some eyes down there that not only are we for real, but there are options if they want to check out a different perspective on the show.
So I am only working Monday through Wednesday this week.  Elizabeth Anglin will be in for me Thursday, and Joe Rupe on Friday.  I will be back Monday with Butch Witkowski’s ‘Strange Days’.
I hope to come away from this conference with a plethora of knowledge from these amazing researchers and speakers.  I am looking forward to shaking a few hands, and getting to know everyone as best as I can in the short amount of time.  It’s important to mingle, meet and greet and these conferences, because when you’re new, like we relatively are, we need to get out there, introduce ourselves, and see if we can win some people over.  It’s not about pulling them from other shows to listen to us exclusively.  It’s about having a good dialogue and open up the ears of people who are looking for something new.
So I will try to get things going for next week’s blog from San Fran.  Until then.
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