Rich Giordano

Rich Giordano is a true “Boots on the Ground” UFO/Paranormal researcher. It began in 2003 with an unknown event caught on video. In 2004 the real research began with 2 sightings in 2 nights in a row. Using the internet to research what he saw he learned there was much more going on in the sky than he thought so he bought his 1st camera and the research became a way of life.

Rich has experienced strangeness throughout his whole life but always had a skeptical view on these things. By 2005 Rich learned as much as he could and found out through trial and error what most people were calling UFOs were man made objects. However these man made objects were still being called UFOs by major UFO websites and groups for popularity and money opportunities. Knowing how hard it is to prove someone is lying Rich saw this as a major problem in the UFO community and started his 1st Live online radio show in 2005.

Meeting all kinds of witnesses and researching what they claimed were UFOs Rich was seeing a pattern in ufology. If its an exciting story and looks like a UFO, it can bring listeners to radio shows where they sell merchandise. The more people who believe, the more buyers to their merchandise and join their clubs for a fee. Rich noticed that no one is researching the researchers. These so-called experts were not experts at all Rich found out. Most of these people are frauds and this became the focal point of Rich’s show and now his research.

Rich has a few excellent sightings from the UFO fleet of 2004 to five triangle sightings on video. With over 15K hours of sky watching or UFO hunting under his belt Rich knows how people are using real objects caught on video and calling them UFOs. Through his own trial and error and thousands of hours making mistake after mistake, Rich knows all the tricks made with cameras. With CGI it has gotten harder but it’s still detectable.

There’s so much more to Rich’s story but you would need to listen to understand him. He believes the UFOs are real but the people are a different story. He has the skills to detecting a liar when he speaks both audibly and visually. He is a self-proclaimed “human lie detector”.

Rich is about telling the truth no matter what the consequences. The last 3 years it seems Rich has had experiences he can’t believe which has opened up new conversations about telekinesis, psychic abilities and the afterlife. Things he doubted in the past are now deemed possibilities. What will be next for Rich? A skeptical believer turning believer? Like Rich says, “Ill believe it when it happens to me” now he says, “the world is more paranormal than normal”. This is why Rich does his show. This is an ever changing world with all kinds of people making all kinds of claims. Rich takes his experience s and speaks openly about them because no one has an answer. If he speaks openly and exposes the liars then its easier to see what the truth looks like from someone who’s in the middle of it. Rich Giordano is in the middle of the paranormal world. What started as UFOs has morphed into all aspects of the unknown.