To The Rescue Of A Paranormal Investigator

As a paranormal investigator, I would never dream of conducting an investigation without the assistance and skills of a psychic. I understand that a large number of people might take issue with this statement so allow me to explain. A reliable medium can bridge the gap between the living and the dead, acting as a mouthpiece for those on the other side. However, there is a practice that some mediums engage in that I question, a practice called spirit rescue. Although this may sound nice, what if some spirits don’t need rescuing?
There is no shortage of theories why a spirit sticks around after their body has surrendered to the ravages of this physical plane. Unfinished business, unrequited love, not being aware of their death are some of the commonly mentioned ones and it is likely that everyone has at least one reason that could keep them here. But there are two reasons that barely get any consideration, 1: They just like it here, and 2: they are afraid of what awaits them as their final reward. So who are we to say to the spirit world, “It’s time for you to go?”
Some spirits may just want to hang out after death, not wanting to bother or be bothered. They like their post existence and feel no need to move along. No matter how hard you try and no matter what you say about loved ones waiting on the other side, these spirits just don’t care. It’s their business and if they like floating through the corridors of some ancient castle, that’s their right. We could even argue that it is rude to try and convince them to hit the spectral dusty trail.
Here in the western world we are dominated by a religion that is very clear what happens after death. Heaven for the righteous and eternal damnation for the unrepentant sinner; this belief runs deep. In my own investigations, I have met several spirits who, for whatever reason, believe that Hell awaits them at the end of their journey. I assure you, this is not an indictment of these beliefs, but like our previous spirit this one isn’t going anywhere.
Ten years ago, I investigated a home where a spirit was causing a great amount of grief for the family living in the home. Through our medium we discovered that a spirit named Jason, killed himself because he was severly depressed. Jason was Catholic and believed that if he left the house for the afterlife he would go straight to Hell. Our medium was able to convince him that if he didn’t want to go then he would have to abide by the rules of the family.
It really is unfair to try and force a spirit to leave or rescue them from the situation they are in. If a spirit will not leave then try to get them to play nice, just like Jason. It might surprise you how many spirits are willing to peacefully co-exist with the living. But what about those spirits that do ask for help? Should we help them?
Over the years, I have heard more “help me”s than “get out”s in EVPs. So is it ok to help those spirits out? Yes, of course it is. If someone asks for help, and are willing to cross over, then by all means help them. They may not understand that something better awaits them and they need a little assistance.
As a paranormal investigator I sit on the fence about spirit rescue. Is it really good or bad? I suppose it depends on the spirit and not our own needs. I know that if I was a spirit that just wanted to be left alone, and I wasn’t hurting anyone, then give me my space. But if I was asking for help, I hope that a compassionate person with the skills to help would. After all, it’s the human thing to do.


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