Proof, Science vs Experience

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By Dave Scott: Host, Spaced Out Radio
My good friend and colleague, William Pullin, the UFO Historian and frequent guest on Spaced Out Radio is, in my opinion, one of the most logical and critical minds in the field of Ufology.  The former scientist and current researcher really promotes critical thinking when it comes to what’s passing through our sky.  Is it ours or is it theirs?  That’s the million, or I should say, trillion dollar question!  William bases the majority of his thinking with the data that presents itself.  The data has to speak fluidly, without emotion involved.  The data, which at times seems to obfuscate the realms of physics and science in general, is the key to most study.  This is what many people want to know about.  People like William want the data.  The need to understand the technology behind these craft is enormous.  And frankly I don’t blame them.  There are questions behind this technology.  Some as simple as, where did this come from?  What are the physical capabilities of the craft?  The zero point energy used, how is it designed?  These are all correct questions that for the future of humankind will need to be answered.
But there’s another side to this question that also needs to be addressed.  There’s much less scientific clarity when it comes to this side, but in my opinion, I think it’s just as logical.  Now I know scientists will not agree with this.  William doesn’t at times.  But the bridge between the experience and the scientific hypothesis is a broken one that right now looks unrepairable.   I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here when I say that most close encounter experiencers out there have little interest in what the scientific community has to say about UFOs, aliens, or anything to do with what happened to them.
I’m going to use myself as an example here.  I have zero care in the world about the science and specifics of these craft.  I do not separate UFOs from aliens, because to me, with my experiences they are one of the same.  When you get one, you obviously get the other.  The way they move.  How they’re built?  Their propulsion systems mean nothing to me.  At 46-years old, I know that by the time this technology is out in the public, I will be long gone and a distant, and probably forgotten memory on this planet, just like the billions of souls before me.  Here’s the main question I have.  Why me?  Was I chosen?  What made me so special that out of nowhere I started seeing UFOs and getting taken?  Why did my life at 40-years old start this major shift, when it hasn’t happened to my friends or anyone else in my family?  This is what I want to know.
Yes I have stories of my accounts.  Yes, scientifically speaking, they are very subjective.  Yes, you have to take my word for it and no one else’s.  Yes, I understand the human mind is very creative and can project falsehoods into the stories to make them sound more attractive.  No, I don’t have proof outside of my word.  Yes, you have to trust what I am telling you is absolute truth.  Not very scientific, I understand.  And without upsetting or putting down good friends like William, Chris Cogswell or other scientists researching the facts of this field, their results mean absolutely nothing to me, and many others like me.  Why?  It doesn’t solve a thing as to what I’ve experienced.  After all, this is why I started a radio show.  I knew that there were others like me who were stuck searching for answers, but didn’t know how to use their voice.  Having a radio background, I did, and still do.
There will always be this debate surrounding the experience and the science behind what’s gone on.  I don’t think the two will ever come together, because most in the scientific realm have never had an experience.  Because of this, the majority of scientists have no clue or understanding of the emotional trauma, whether it’s positive or negative, one goes through when the anomalous happens.  The have no way of comprehending what’s happened.  Scientifically speaking they cannot rely on any true evidence, and who can blame them?  Scientists, for their own recorded records cannot believe eye witness testimony.  They can’t believe hypnotherapy sessions, which are highly controversial in the first place.  They need tangible evidence to make their case.  They need something to study.
The mind can be a beautiful thing, but it can also skew events to either sensationalize or leave out details.  The mind definitely is not a perfect recording device.  Now the easy solution for scientists or researchers is always the statement about why or why not someone in this circumstance didn’t record the event with a camera?  Or when on a ship, steal a souvenir of some sort to bring back home?  Unfortunately, abduction or contact doesn’t work that way.  This is partially where many scientists and research start their struggle in believing the players involved.  Don’t worry!  The experiencer doesn’t understand it either.
The difficult concept of trying to bring the two sides together, I see as a difficult one.  I don’t see it happening as a matter of fact.  That’s until the aliens themselves stand in front of a microphone saying, “Yes, it was us, and this is how it’s done!”  Sounds unlikely I know.  Probably is!  But there are areas that need to improve.  The scientific community has to stop degrading what people have gone through.  Whether they want to believe it or not, when it comes to aliens, UFOs and contact or abduction, the scientist’s personal opinion should not matter.  The it’s a theory these events are happening.  On the flip side, the experiencer has to try harder than the, “believe me and my words” defense.  But right now, with the current influx in ufology going on, coming together is likely not going to happen for a very long time.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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