Professional Courtesy

UFO’Real? A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

Professional Courtesy 

Greetings! Professional Courtesy. Last evening, I was made aware of an unfortunate comment which appeared on Twitter, a platform which I do not use. The comment in question made reference to a program that I make monthly appearances on, Reality Paranormal on Dave Scott’s “Spaced Out Radio.” The title of the program had been presented incorrectly, written as Paranormal Reality. Now could this oversight be an honest mistake? Perhaps. Do I think that is the case here? I certainty hope so, but either possibility has troubling ramifications, for if the error was an honest one, then it calls into question the use of the only tool at the disposal of anyone in the UFO field to communicate our thoughts and opinions, the English language. The individual who wrote the comment is a self-described “UFO Journalist” and therefore should be highly proficient at the use of the English language, so if the error in question is an honest one, then it should be corrected at the earliest possible opportunity. If the comment was worded incorrectly on purpose, then it is professionally impolite and simply uncalled for. Whenever I write up a blog posting, or make a comment about a show, program, or individual, I make it a point to be civil, accurate, and courteous at all times. My positions or feelings about the individual, or the content of the program in question are a non-issue. Professional courtesy should rule the day! Sometimes that is a concept which is lost to some individuals. I wish it were different, and in the words of my friend Kevin Randle, “That’s what we’re living with.” Thank you for your time and your kind support.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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