I’m going to start this off with a hypothetical yet very real situation.  Let’s say you apply for a credit card.  Visa, American Express, Discover, Master Card, doesn’t really matter what it is.  In order to apply for credit, you need to fill out some pretty personal information.  You need to provide your legal name, address, birth date, Social Insurance Number, annual income, email address, where you work, and sometimes the name and information of your spouse, partner, or co-signor.  Now let’s say said credit card company then turned your personal information that you provided over to every major chain store out there, so they could solicit you for products, or know what you prefer to shop for and when your best buying time was.  Let’s say they targeted your mail, email, telephone texts, and social media accounts with their information.  How would you feel?  Would you complain to your government officials?  The credit card companies?  Would you seek a lawyer because your privacy has been infringed?  Look, at the best of times we all hate giving out our personal information, but we know we have to in order to get a mortgage, finance a purchase like a car or boat, get a credit card. The banks ask for it, and really we have no choice if we don’t have the money to pay cash.  But you don’t sit in a coffee shop and say to the stranger next to you, “Hey, I have a 740 credit score, and I have a credit card limit of $20,000.”  It’s just not something you talk about.  Some things are personal.
How does this tie to UFOlogy you ask?  Well, let me tell you how.  Let’s say, you witness a UFO.  And let’s say you want to report it to an independent research group to investigate your claim because you really don’t know where else to turn? So what do you?  Well, let’s say, for hypothetical reasons you turn over that information to a group like MUFON.  To report a sighting, you need to give them your first and last name.  Your country of origin.  Plus state or province.  Your civic address.  Work, home and cell phone number.  As well as two email addresses. This is all before you fill out what you saw.  So imagine a group like MUFON, which prides itself on confidentiality, decides to sell your private information to a private investigation firm who has interest in what you have seen or experienced?  Would you be happy?  Would you think this is okay without your permission?  Well this is exactly what happened between 2007 and 2012, when billionaire Robert Bigelow bailed MUFON out of their financial predicament.  In return for the cash, MUFON allegedly gave pertinent information on alien contact to Bigelow’s team, (BAASS), standing for Bigelow Advanced Aerospace Space Systems.  So what you may say?
If you don’t know much about Robert Bigelow, then maybe you should second guess giving your information to your sightings or experiences online.  Bigelow is a self made billionaire.  The 72-year old made his riches in real estate and creating Budget Suites of America hotel chain.  Oh yeah, he’s also the head of Bigelow Aerospace.  The pioneer is a very private man.  One who has connections all the way to the White House.  He’s someone who has always seemed to have a keen interest in UFOs, recently appearing on a 60-minutes documentary stating that he is “absolutely convinced” that aliens exist and UFOs have visited earth.  The man has definitely put his money where his mouth is when it comes to his research.  Shortly after Bob Lazar came out about Area 51, S-4, and reverse engineering alien technology, Bigelow and Lazar went into business together for a couple years trying to figure out the elusive and non-earthly ‘Element 115’.  In 1993, he, along with Art Bell, Linda Moulton Howe and George Knapp started the first paranormal radio show called Area 2000.  However Bigelow’s interest quickly died in the project because he didn’t feel there were enough high quality guests to appear on the show, doing quality research.  Shortly after, Bell started Coast to Coast AM, which was eventually bought out by Premiere Radio Network.  In 1995, Bigelow started NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science, to research everything from aliens to UFO activity.  That was disbanded in 2004.  But before it was disbanded, the FAA, yes, the Federal Aviation Administration instructed pilots who had UFO sightings to file their reports to NIDS, and now, BAASS.  He has also owned and sold the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, where recently John B. Alexander (Ret. Col. U.S. Army), on Spaced Out Radio stated that everything we have heard that happened at Skinwalker Ranch was true.  Although he never saw anything with his own two eyes.  So we know this man is connected.  But how connected?
So how does this tie to your privacy?  Get to the point, right?  Hold on!  I’m getting there.
Now this is where it gets interesting.  In the December New York Times article about UFOs, it was said that when Harry Reid, the Senator of Nevada procured $22-million for the study of UAPs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, most of that money went to Bigelow’s group, BAASS.  The reason, Bigelow, being a private contractor in aerospace meant that any investigation into UFOs would not be subjected to FOIA requests since private contractors are just that.  Private!  In that article, it was also said that Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas was holding “alien material” given to them by the United States government for study.  Why would the government give a civilian contractor some of the most highly secretive material on the planet, when it daily is flying scientists to Area 51 on its JANET airlines?  Does this make sense as a part of national security in the U.S.?  To me, as a Canadian, that’s a red flag.  Also during that time when the $22-million was doled out, that Bigelow saved MUFON’s financial collapse offering them $672-thousand.  This happened in 2008.  In return, he asked for unlimited access to confidential files in MUFON’s database.  Where according to reports, Bigelow was highly interested in cases involving alien contact or abduction.  Feeling MUFON had been infiltrated, this led to the resignation of many high ranking MUFON members including International Director, James Carrion, who in his resignation letter stated, “It is my belief that there are forces at work here that “manage” Ufology for their own purposes. When an organization like MUFON starts to operate outside of the box “they” intend to keep us in, then these controlling forces move in to tighten their grip. Case in point is MUFON’s relationship with BAASS. Although John (Schuessler) knows who BAASS’ sponsors are, I am no longer comfortable with the MUFON-BAASS relationship.”  Damning MUFON for pursuing the almighty dollar, Carrion also went on to say, “What I see in the MUFON-BAASS relationship is active management of MUFON’s work, despite assurances from BAASS otherwise. By carefully controlling the purse strings with each contract evaluation period, they are ensuring they receive a constant flow of information from MUFON while also making sure that MUFON does not end up with operational funding to stabilize its long term financial well being. Who’s on the receiving end of this information? Since that will not be disclosed to MUFON, I cannot state for sure, but I don’t feel confident that the information is being used for what MUFON was originally informed.”  Bigelow also paid off MUFON’s licenced social worker, hypnotist and abduction research specialist, John Carpenter $100 per case file, totalling $14-thousand for delivering copies of his investigations with people who’ve had contact or had been abducted.  None of these people were informed that their private information was being sold to Bigelow.  Carpenter left MUFON in 2001 after 10 years.  Also during that time, Bigelow went and bought up numerous UFO websites and domain names, both in the United States and internationally.  Keeping the databases open to reports coming in, which would now be investigated by BAASS.  Was the money he got from the Government used to purchase these databases and information from MUFON on down?  We won’t ever know unless Bigelow comes out publicly himself to admit or deny this happened.   By the way, it should be noted that Bigelow apparently pulled out of MUFON in 2009 after paying them just over half of what the original deal was for, citing.
So then comes the question, why is a billionaire UFO nut, who is a black project contractor of the U.S. Government buying up personal reports.  And how it ties into YOUR privacy.  Looking at the information again, we know Bigelow is involved in black ops.  We know he bought files from MUFON and other groups.  We know he is deeply invested in UFO research with both his and the government’s money.  So what is he doing with YOUR information?  Now, once again, I can only use speculation as my source after talking to trusted people about this topic.  But when you fill out your UFO report, you are giving your personal information to potentially a man who is working with the Government on this subject.  How does that make you feel?  What if part of Bigelow’s agreement with the Government was to hand over YOUR ‘confidential information’?  What if the Government now knows if you have been taken or contacted by extraterrestrials?  How would you feel?  Does this scare you?  It should.  Why?  MK Ultra.  Men In Black.  Being followed!  Your phone being tapped.  All real projects that people have said happened to them after their experiences.  Now not all of them, but some.  Can we ever prove this?  No.  Bigelow is a private contractor and is not subject to FOIA requests.
I have interviewed people in Canada who have been subject to CIA visitations, Men In Black visitations, MK Ultra projects.  Now I had always thought that these people were making this up because Canada doesn’t put as much money into it’s military at all.  In fact, the military budget is slim pickings compared to our brothers and sisters in the south.  So why would Canadians be subjected to these visits?  Were these people making it up to make their stories sound more credible or insatiable to their audience?  I didn’t know.  But now, after finding out about Bigelow and the buying spree he went on, I’m now not so sure.  I think they are credible.  Not because of Bigelow’s involvement.  But because it makes me wonder if their personal information has found its way into a foreign Government’s hands through the processes, like Bigelow buying up UFO investigation websites.  How many are out there?  Frankly I don’t know, nor do I have the time to scour the internet to find out.  But I know Brian Vike, a longtime British Columbia researcher and a long time credible investigator was one of those bought out by BAASS in 2009, and the website is still running.
So who can you trust?  Right now, I’d say no one.  Keep your experiences to yourself for now.  The field of UFOlogy is so up in the air right now, that I cannot confidently say, outside of groups like UFORCOP, UFOiTEAM and Forest Moon Paranormal and a few others that I’d trust anyone with my personal information and stories right now.  Safety to myself and my family means more than someone else seeing my private affairs.  Remember that.
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