People Are Noticing, And It’s About Time!

By: Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
So in the last few weeks I have been writing on some topics regarding the paranormal world as to what is real and what is fake.  That’s directed towards the people, and not so much the topics, who are causing unjust strife in a community that bleeds for credibility.  Over the last few weeks, there have been quite a few people starting to take notice, either because my blog and words pointed them in the direction, or they’ve noticed the trend themselves.  As ufology gains popularity, and it will have another big reach with the new television series coming on History channel with To The Stars behind it, we are going to see a plethora of interest coming from the general public who feels they too can get into the research side of the genre.  Frankly that’s quite okay.  There are some brilliant minds out there that need to be exposed to the great works of researchers that have spent decades looking for conclusions to the UFO phenomenon.
Fellow researchers and investigators who are much more in the know than I am have been following the trend of people in the field.  Their words, their actions, and sometimes their deceit to the community and the public is what has true investigators watching intently.  Here’s a couple of examples from people that I trust, who’ve become public with their frustration with some in the field, and decided to do something about it.  If you don’t know who Richard Giordano is, well you should.  Rich, who hosts GUFONRadio on YouTube, is in my opinion, one of the straightest shooters when it comes to UFOs and the circus that surrounds the genre.  Rich’s no nonsense approach rubs some people the wrong way, but in knowing Rich for almost five years, I can say that he’s nearly spot on with his opinions.  Rich’s attitude and remarks on this field are refreshing because he’s not afraid to call people out for what they’re trying to pull.  I’ve been on the good end and bad end of some of his comments, and for the most part, Rich is very accurate in his statements.  If by chance he’s wrong, he’s man enough to admit it.  That goes a long way in my books.  Even if he rips me for pronouncing Ufology, U-F-ology sometimes.  But Rich is real, and for him ufology isn’t about popularity, books, paracons, or money.  It’s about truth, and trying to get people to be honest whether they’re showing videos on their YouTube channel, hosting or guesting on radio shows, or writing their next book.
So with Rich, recently he decided that he was going to call one of these fakers out to his face on Twitter and on Facebook.  This person didn’t respond, and did the typical response and erased the comments, then went on to block the UFO Sheriff from seeing his posts.  Rich has responded by letting people know who this person is on his GUFONRadio show.  I think it’s great.  In 20 years of being in this field, it’s nice to know there’s someone who is willing to put his name and reputation on the line for being a bad ass towards those who deserve it.  By the way, since we talked paracons last week.  In two decades of research and broadcasting, Rich has been invited to speak at a total of ZERO events.  That’s incredulous, and doesn’t make sense for a man who’s willing to talk about anything in the field.  It’s complete bullshit in my opinion because the guy deserves the accolades for trying to bring some reason and honesty to a field where so many struggle with that basic humanity.
Then there’s Erica Lukes.  She was just a guest last week on the show, and she’s also noticing a dangerous trend in ufology where there are many people just popping up out of nowhere with either insider info or some sort of agenda they’re pushing that it’s making those like Erica who’ve been in the field a long time weary of what the intentions are.  Erica recently wrote on her Facebook, “Beware my friends in UFOLOGY, there are trolls in your midst. Some of them are attempting to steer the narrative via social media and podcasts. When someone appears out of the blue I would advise you to be cautious. I would also recommend that look at the people connected with this “person”.”  This post by Erica was bang on with the way this field is moving.  Sure, in everything we do there are going to be new names and faces jumping into the fray.  Some have nothing to say but the same we’ve already heard.  Others seem to have information that makes you scratch your head as to where they’ve come up with it?  Are they tapped in?  Is there a group out there that is promoting special interests to solidify the message?  These are questions that need answering.
Last blog, I was talking about conferences, and the organizers doing their homework as to whom they have speaking or engaging in their events.  For instance, would you be surprised that people such as former MUFON scientist, and the man I believe to be ufology’s next Stanton Friedman, Chris Cogswell, who owns a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, will be speaking at his first conference in Los Angeles this year?  I’m bloody surprised by this, when he told me he finally had his cherry broken.  Silly part about it, is they have someone of Cogswell’s knowledge talking about podcasting in a round table forum, rather than something important, like, I don’t know, the science necessary for ufology?  How about MJ Banias? Here’s a kick ass blogger and researcher in our field who shows the epitome of hard work paying off.  He’s quite followed in the field and yet, no calls for being a conference speaker yet.
I think of names like Samantha Mowat, Eric Cooper, Mike Morin, Paul Kingsbury, Michael W. Hall, Morgan Knudsen, Rob Morphy, Varla Ventura, Butch Witkowski, and others in similar positions who have had little or no offers to speak in public events.  Why not?  They’re more than qualified.  Yet, no invites.  These are quality people with quality information that deserve to be on stage for people to learn.  But, they aren’t popular names to the organizers who are trying to get a message out, along with making a few bucks to make sure the bills are paid for the weekend.  There are a plethora of brilliant voices out there that deserve it.  They’ve worked hard.  Maybe they’re not marketing themselves properly?  That could be the greatest reasoning at all.  So some of the fault falls on those who are wanting to speak but haven’t.  There are two sides here, so we do have to be fair.  Some conferences actually have scouts going to different ‘cons’ to scout speakers for their events.  However, there are those out there that bring the bank.  Which is why you always see people like Richard Dolan or Eric Von Daniken or Linda Moulton-Howe at the bigger named shows.
So to make a name for yourself in this field, just do it right.  It’s not about the money or fame.  It’s about getting back to the basics of hard work and dedication to the field for the right purposes.  The fakes and flakes will always come out.  You just need to be yourself and work hard.  People will quickly notice.

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