Paranormal Investigation Needs To Step it Up!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio 
Paranormal Investigation Needs To Step It up!
Shortly before writing this, I was talking with my good buddy MERLE about paranormal investigation.  The dude seems to be a little bit at a cross roads when it comes to investigating.  Personally, I don’t blame him.  MERLE is one of the best investigators of the paranormal I know.  He’s fair.  Balanced.  He truly knows how to properly investigate without using judgement or opinion as his leading motives.  He has a gift for wanting to help people with their paranormal problems.  I admire that about him, not because we are best friends, but because he truly believes he can help make a difference when it comes to dealing with hauntings.
MERLE though, I feel is at a critical juncture in his paranormal career.  It’s easy to be a ‘weekend warrior’, taking on investigations whether they’re at say an old pub where there are claims it’s haunted, or helping someone out on a residential haunting.  But for people like MERLE, who’ve done the cases and investigated as much as he can, things can get stale.  The thrill of the haunt never changes.  However, dealing with paranormal teams, and especially the people can be rough.  There’s so much ego and narcissism in this field, that it’s tough to try and balance what many are truly in the field for.  We know there are no experts in the field.  Yet that doesn’t seem to matter to many of these groups and ‘weekend warriors’ who believe their solution is the only solution to what’s going on.
This is why in my conversation with MERLE, whether he wanted to hear it or not, as a friend, I needed to remind him that he’s better than that.  He’s above many in the field, in my opinion.  Not out of ego or attitude.  It’s because he wants to have direction.  So many teams claim to have direction.  But the majority of the paranormal people and teams out there are rudderless ships moving with the ebbs and flows of the current.  It’s rare to see people jump off that ship and make their own waves.  But it’s something that more need to do.  Take the plunge and set sail on a new journey that actually looks to solving some of these mysteries rather than just confirming them.
One of the down sides I feel to the popularity of paranormal television is we’re not solving mysteries or even what ghosts and spirits are.  They’re looking into confirmation.  I’m still trying to figure out the point of this effort, as confirmation of a haunting really does not help people with their paranormal problems. However, with a lack of education in this field of research, television shows have been given almost an unceremonious title of education videos.
There is so much more we can be doing in this field, which is what I’ve been explaining to MERLE.  To get into that upper echelon of investigators, you need to be able to push the limits of your own personal reality.  Stop hiding being the word ‘skepticism’, and start focusing on what the evidence tells you.  Put that evidence together and draw your conclusions based on what the evidence says, and not what your opinion may be.  It doesn’t matter what field your into; ghosts, UFOs, or cryptids like Bigfoot.  Narrow mindedness is killing this field, and we’re less smart as a whole for it.  This is why I personally tend to look at the research and brag about people like John Tenney, David Weatherly, Ross Allison, the crew from the Hellier series.  They are pushing the bounds of research, trying to attain the answers to the many mysteries out there.  Personal opinion doesn’t matter to these great investigators, because opinion does not solve anything.  Evidence does.
This is where ghost hunters drop the ball.  This is where cryptid researchers drop the ball.  This is where ET researchers have slippery hands as well.  They take opinion as fact.  Evidence is secondary especially if it’s not falling into the categories that said investigators believe themselves.  There are some great mysteries out there that need valuable attention.  Really, what’s more fun than trying to solve a mystery?  We all have that ‘Indiana Jones’ quality about us.  It’s human curiosity.
What we need for this field is more open mindedness in realizing that there’s more to this entire phenomena than what we currently know.  The brain power is there.  But very few are willing to stretch their personal beliefs for the betterment of the field.  It’s too bad because I’m sure there’s great evidence out there that’s never been seen by anyone.  We have to work through that as a field, because the people who are having these experiences deserve answers.  The entire phenomenon for that matter deserves answers.  Ego, though, doesn’t allow it.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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