One Step Forward Two Steps Back: Canada And UFOs

New York Times DOD
In an age of public-demanded transparency, on all levels, it goes against the current grain to have an individual, community, or country-wide government behave with less than complete candor. So, with daily discussions of UFO disclosure, hard or soft, the world is watching and listening to everything being said, and importantly, too; what is not being said, and by whom.
With anyone involved in the UFO community, it is critically needful that all official and unofficial entities cooperate and be forthright with evidence and information. Today, the public wants and believes it has a right to know the truth about UFOs and aliens.
As the USA has taken its first steps toward official disclosure, many dubbing it soft disclosure, Canada has performed a bit of a one step forward-two steps back dance routine, which works for country line dancing, but causes many difficulties in the world of UFOlogy.
Recently, the Canadian radio show, The Current, broadcast an interview with Nick Pope, who was in charge of UFO investigations for the British government’s defence ministry from 1991 to 1994. Their discussion explained his  support of the U.S. investigation regarding the soft disclosure story published in the New Times.
During their talk, Mr Pope addressed the Canadian Government’s Department of Defence response for an interview with The Current on the UFO subject. They had replied with:
UFO Comment from Canadian Department of Defence
In addition, the Current had asked the Canadian Space Agency to talk about Canadian UFO programs, and they replied they did not have such a program, nor were they involved with such issues.
Mr Pope reportedly found Canada’s response to be extraordinary. He believes their denial is to cover up the difficulty a nation has in publicly dealing with the issue. He does doubt the Canadian government is involved on some level with this topic. He believes it could be through the government or private sector; but, in his opinion, someone is researching UFOs.
It all remains to be seen. UFO disclosure discussion is far from over, and with Canada’s increasing number of UFO sightings, silence on the phenomenon must, by public demand, end, and full transparency take its place.

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