No Violence Gene, No Space Wars

I have sideways theories about almost everything Paranormal; meaning I’m seldom in agreement with most of the communities where I hold alternative kinds of discussions. As I thought on one of these theories this morning, I became more convinced I might be correct.
In particular, to a person, when discussing aliens and UFOs, this comment, at some point in the discussion, will be made: “If aliens and UFOs have been visiting Earth for so long, and they wanted to take us out, they could have done it at any time over the years.”
I have heard just about everything pertaining to our ‘maybe, possibly’ off-world visitors. They want to experiment on us for various reasons, they want to mate with us to make hybrids, and they want to understand us from the inside out. Some want to eat us (don’t ever forget the Season 3, Episode 24 of Twilight Zone, where we learn an alien’s kind offer to serve man is actually a cook book), some want to probe us for some puzzling reason, and some want to take us for a ride in their craft. The one thing I’ve never heard, and is missing in every alien or UFO scenario is they do not seem to want to shoot us.
I am toying around with the idea that perhaps aliens do not shoot at us, or take us out (other than to occasionally dine on us), is because the violent gene was bred out of them over centuries to possibly millennia ago. That’s right. They do not know what it means to use a weapon of destruction against another sentient being.
So, the idea if aliens can get to us on our distant planet, and they can kill us at will, may be in complete error. We have made a giant leap in thinking technological advances in travel through space are synonymous with murderous, or violent behaviors and intentions.
Just consider the possibility aliens do not have a killing gene. What if the concept of inflicting violence or death upon another is nonexistent in their makeup? They do not know what it means, why other beings would do it, nor what the final outcome of violence is.
That’s a horse of a completely different color. And it would certainly explain why aliens have not destroyed the populace of Earth in spite of its many idiotic actions.
It is just a theory; however, if it were credible, then all the current yammering about how dangerous and threatening off-worlders are could be put to rest. I for one, would really appreciate not having to consider, ever again, someone or something hovering over my home planet wanting to shoot me. That sounds peaceful and harmonious, which I think would be an excellent and acceptable galactic plan.
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