New Heights In Ufology

Dave Scott
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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
New Heights In Ufology
It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog.  It’s been a busy time, as after four months off, I returned to my daytime job and am now once again doing double duty daily, six days a week on both the show and my daytime gig.  It’s tiresome, I’m not going to lie.  But it’s what has to be done for now.  I promise I will try to find the energy to get back to my once a week blogging schedule.  I know you all enjoy my thoughts and writing.  I have to keep that in mind moving forward.  So here goes.
When I was in San Francisco speaking at UFOCON 2020, I had the pleasure to befriend a pair of scientists who are two of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met in my life.  For someone like me, who has shied away from the scientific aspect of life because it’s really not my strength, watching these two put their money where their mouths are is incredible, and I’m all in on what they are doing.  Bob McGwier and Steve McDaniel started with UAPTN.  A company that wanted to build a personal UFO device that people could affordably set up in their own yard to view the skies above to see if there was anything anomalous flying overhead that we don’t know about.  This eventually morphed into SkyHub (@SkyHub10 on Twitter which I suggest you follow), where on May 27th, one of their prototypes captured something weird in Houston, Texas.
To those who watch this, it may look like a drone or a helicopter.  And yes, that’s a meteor near the bottom of the fish eye lens, going towards the right side.  But what you want to do is watch the dot on the left side.  That’s the moon.  Beside the moon is a bright star.  From the moon, watch in the 1 o’clock position as something starts to fade in then flash.  That object, whatever it is, moves and flashes until it stops around the two minute mark.  At the 2:30 mark of the video, this thing, whatever it is, decides to change it’s trajectory and shoot downward on the camera.  Then decides to make a 90 degree right turn again before taking off and flying out of sight.  It really is an incredible piece of footage that caught something anomalous in the sky.  What was it?  We do not know.  Could it be a UFO?  A drone?  Helicopter?  Could be anything, really.  We just don’t know.  We do know that it was unidentified, and the clarity of the camera which included beautiful footage of a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere was nothing short of amazing.

Now I’m not going to fill this blog full of scientific terms that I don’t even understand.  My lack of scientific knowledge wouldn’t even know where to start with this.  However, I look at the credentials of the people who are building this gadget for Sky Hub, and their goal is to bring UFOs into the mainstream, to prove the existence that we potentially are not alone.  Bob and Steve, along with their brilliant team are creating an innovative way, where every day people who want to know can soon have the opportunity to get one of these Sky Hub contraptions and set it up in their own yard or on their roof, to see what’s truly happening in the sky day or night.

Yes, there have been other groups trying to find the technology to do this, but Sky Hub has the resumes and the backgrounds of major scientific backgrounds to make this happen.  Many of us in the field of Ufology have stood on top of the mountains yelling for anyone to hear, that we needed real scientists with real educational backgrounds to start taking this phenomenon seriously.  Independent scientists who are not tied to the government or tied to groups like the To The Stars Academy.  Scientists, mathematicians and computer geniuses who have zero interest in keeping the UFO phenomenon a secret any longer.  Brainiac people who also believe there is something special about staring their invention up at the stars because they know there’s more to this life and this universe than we know.  Their lack of narrow-mindedness will only enhance the potentially new scientific
theories that await to be studied.
Sure we can get excited about SpaceX, rockets, and going to the moon.  Those are fantastic ventures we need to focus on for the future of every human on this planet.  But what Sky Hub’s adventure has the potential to do, is to see what’s already here.  Now, in the video above, there are some flaws that need to be pointed out.  We can’t tell the speed of this object, without mathematical calculations being done.  We can’t tell the height of the object.  And most certainly, we cannot tell whether or not this is an earthly object or something from the stars.  The only real confirmation we have is Sky Hub doesn’t know what this object was.  But what’s impressive with this prototype experiment is that it worked.  It worked better than I believe Bob, Steve or any of the team thought it would.  It captured exactly what it needed to capture.  For that, there’s hope that all of the other areas they will need to adjust, alter or fix, will happen and be just as successful.

This is a team we need to watch.  The UFO Community has been waiting for years for the technology, researchers and mainstream scientists to take this subject seriously.  The scientists are here.  They’re ready.  They’re working out in the open on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, right in the open of the entire community to see what they’re doing and to ask questions on the progression of the Sky Hub cameras.  The one tidbit of information I’ve learned in my numerous conversations with Bob especially, is that there are no secrets here.  It’s all out in the open.  This team wants to take us, the experiencers or the inquisitive with them on this adventure.  I hope it stays that way.  I personally think it will.  The data collected will be imperative to the discovery of new technologies and potentially visiting life.  It truly is an exciting time for those of us who’ve been begging for real proof for our own encounters we’ve eye witnessed.  We’ve longed and yearned to be believed, when all we have is a story or stories to tell.

We are on the cusp some something great here.  Let’s see where Sky Hub goes

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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