Do We Need Government Disclosure?

Do we really need government disclosure to accept that we are not alone in the Universe? How long can the U.S. government feign ignorance to the citizens of the U.S., and indeed the world with regards to UFO’s in our skies? More importantly perhaps is, how long the charade can go on before the U.S. finds itself irrelevant to the topic. China, Great Britain, Canada, and others are opening up their files, and in some cases declaring outright that UFO’s exist, and that the occupants of these craft are not of this Earth.
It is arrogant presumption of the highest order for the U.S. to believe that it is the final arbiter on this topic. It is stupidity of the highest order for the rest of the world to fall into thinking that without validation from the U.S. their sightings don’t count. We have a long history in this country of stretching the bounds of credulity when trying to explain away sightings. I’m thinking of J. Allen Hynek’s “swamp gas” for the sightings in Michigan circa 1966 and the infamous “weather balloon”, and Project MOGUL explanations for Roswell. It is almost as if the U.S. government has gotten so addicted to the lie that it can’t help itself. If the cliché of the “landing on the White House lawn” were to happen in front of millions, it is doubtful that even then what we would call disclosure would be forthcoming. I’m sure some denial of the event would be concocted that the pollen from The District of Columbia’s cherry trees, combined with noxious fumes released from a gas pocket from the Potomac River, and escaped vapors from an ancient Egyptian urn opened by accident in the bowels of the Smithsonian, with a very large helping of global warming thrown in for good measure, caused a mass hallucination.
I think in answer to my main question, do we need government disclosure, the answer is a resounding no. There have been enough people that have seen the craft, myself included, to rule out a hoax. There are enough human abductees, and experiencers out there that even if we subtract the obvious loons, the remainder is far too large for them all to be lying. Not to sound too much like Stanton Friedman, but there have been people sent to the electric chair on less substantial evidence than what eyewitnesses to both the craft, and the occupants can produce. The best thing for the UFO community to do in my honest opinion, is pull together, let the government play their quaint game of soft disclosure and disinformation while we go about showing our unity and listening to what each other have to say. After all it won’t be governments that are the real the beneficiaries of disclosure, it is we the people, who will hopefully be enriched, and enlightened by such contact. In many ways disclosure and contact would spell the end of the current political paradigm, so to expect the government to put itself out of business is, in the end unlikely to happen. Disclosure will have to be from the ground up, not the top down. Rising from the roots to embrace the hope for a better path for humanity.


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