MUFON Inner Workings Exposed!

MUFON Inner Workings Exposed! It’s Time The UFO Community Knows What Really Happens There

Gail Hodson Shirk,
Spaced Out Radio News Wire

MUFON Director of Case Review, Phil Leech, has penned and distributed an eye opening letter revealing extremely concerning issues in the inner and most powerful circles at MUFON. These issues address behaviors and behind the scenes actions to which no one except an insider would have access; and conversely, everyone in the UFO community should be aware.

The areas of concern he describes are below:

1. There are multiple states running Criminal Background Checks on witnesses, without permission, or knowledge of the witness. When results come back reporting a less than stellar background, including being on many medications, the UFO report is slipped into a MUFON database, available to many in the organization, for information use only. The witness is never contacted again; no phone call, no email. They get nothing but MUFON silence.

2. There is a Special Assignment Team that works behind the scenes completing certain cases that are managed on a private MUFON web site which stores the cases and discussions. Unless one is a team member, this data cannot be seen, and members of the team are required to keep quiet. There are many examples of questionable case mishandlings by the team. Two are: A UFO crash, with material evidence in Mexico being neglected, with bogus reasons given for not investigating. Another involves a person who had an implant removed, and gave it to MUFON. It is reported MUFON gave the implant to AATIP, and it has not been seen, since.

3. MUFON Media is a huge tangle of inappropriate behavior. Among the most unacceptable actions is the disappearance of the media director. He reportedly had been pushing for a pay raise for himself, and a paid position for a teenage relative who lives with him, and does odd jobs. To put pressure on management, the director disappeared, hoping his absence would force them to grant the pay increase.

4. Recently MUFON decided to flatten the organization. This resulted in a split in MUFON, with one person in charge of international operations, and one person in charge of the US activities. The problem with this is it allows only one person to decide all aspects of how MUFON is run in his or her area. Concerns have been raised that flattening the organization leaves an opportunity for a dictator type scenario. If one is not a “YES” person he will not fit into this design. If one is a “YES” person, it most likely is out of fear.

5. The MUFON S.T.A.R. Team exists in name only, and has for a very long time. Each State is required to have two Star Team members. However this team has not been active, nor used in many years.

6. When one of MUFON’s leaders made extremely unacceptable racial comments on his Facebook page, it was a big problem for the organization. He was mildly chastised in response. Despite many calls for his removal, and a weak pretense of removing him, the man remains active in MUFON. The hesitation to remove him from his position turns out to be money. He is listed under a 501 (c)(3) tax status, because MUFON has a lab in Pennsylvania. This lab is at his residence, and records show an income at that location. So he has his own nonprofit using the MUFON name. At the time, he also was Treasurer of several states, maintaining a bank account with a substantial amount of money. According to top level sources, this continues to this day.

7. There are other serious issues for MUFON: States with no director, thus causing reports to close quickly with no followup; no reputable science being used, and the Executive Director stating he didn’t care, because he hasn’t seen anything much come out of any supposed crash site; a new director of an important team who has no UFO experience, but is a neighbor of a high level staff person, and is a retired Naval Counter Intelligence Officer with the highest security clearance; and upcoming TV shows with only the participants being paid, meaning they alone will profit from the witness reports made to MUFON.

Each of these issues, alone, is cause for grave concern; but taken altogether, a state of weak leadership and power run amok is responsible for a once reputable organization becoming insensitive to the needs of its members, and immoral to a society that has corrected itself and moved on from days of racial bias and discrimination. Finally, this organization, with its self-serving, ineffective leadership has committed, over the years, too many behind the scenes, underhanded and cavalier breaches of trust against the UFO community and the public. The day has come when MUFON must face the reality they are obsolete, and their doors should close. No amount of Public Relations slight of hand will fix this. It is time to apologize, say good-bye, and call it a day.


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