Moving Forward In Ufology, We Can’t Forget The History!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Moving Forward In Ufology, We Can’t Forget The History!
In case you missed it there was some giant news in the UFO world, as the United States Intelligence Committee, headed by US Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, proposed the committee recommend tax payer dollars be spent on publicly researching Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, for the sake of national security.  This is an incredible piece of news to come out, and if we can take Rubio at his word, he wants this all to be on the table, and allow the public to be able to see the findings as to who or what is flying over America’s sky.  In recent history, there’s been nothing like this come out of Washington, D.C.  It’s always been about denial and cover ups towards the subject.  But it’s changing.  The question is will it change for the good, or will it remain the same?  Usually what happens in these circumstances is nothing is ever found, then it goes back into the drawer with the rest of the country’s top secrets.  But we can hope.

So how did this get started?  As critical as I have been about the To The Stars Academy, I do believe they have a lot to do with this happening.  Both Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo have worked tirelessly in getting politicians on board to learn and understand about the phenomenon.  We know Elizondo ran the AATIP program secretly, which originally we were told shut down in 2012.  Guess what?  Now we know it still exists in multiple forms within the military and alphabet agencies.  We also know that Elizondo and Mellon almost lost their Top Security clearances when they dubbed the three videos, (Go Fast, Gimbal and Tic Tac), as drones, in order to get them out of the military’s hands and into public consumption.  We also know that the two men, especially the Billionaire Mellon has been working tirelessly on his political connections to get validation for this story.  Why?  That’s not public as of yet.  Maybe he’s an experiencer on his own?

Here’s the thing, it’s great that there’s all of this attention surrounding UFOs.  What we do have to look at though is how this story is being told.  For decades, the mainstream media has always downplayed this story because they never wanted it.  They thought it was some sort of sci-fi sham which would waste precious space in newspapers, and time on television and radio.  I’ve written ad-nauseum on this exact subject in previous blogs.  This is where I see the problem.  Since the Nimitz video of 2004 was confirmed and the press that has surrounded this event, we are treating this subject like it is a new phenomenon.  It’s not.  We have to get that through our heads.  Sure, today’s videos and discussions about this is very intriguing and very worthy of our time, we still need questions answered about yester-year.

There are too many incidents and too many stories out there that we need to know about, and learn the truth to what happened.  Let’s start off with Kenneth Arnold and the flying saucer debacle in Washington State.  This event happened before Roswell and gets little press coverage.  Do we still believe Roswell was a Mylar weather balloon?  I highly doubt that.  We need to know more about the Phoenix Lights of ’97, as well as Kecksberg, and events such as the Marfa Lights.  What about Shag Harbour? The Flatwoods monster and the alleged UFO crash there is another one.  So many incidents that can paint a picture to the recent history of these spectacles cannot be forgotten.  The media isn’t going to ask the questions because they don’t know or care about learning the history in today’s Headline News type of society.  Investigative journalism is nearly dead when one of human kind’s most important story is about break.

We haven’t even touched on the stories of experiencers Betty and Barney Hill.  Or Travis Walton in Snowflake, Arizona.  Chris Bledsoe and his amazing encounters that are still on going.  Canadian Stephan Michelak who was burned on his chest by a craft taking off.  The evidence of other experiencers and their stories mostly coincide with each other.  These are the stories that are still considered a little too taboo to go public yet in the scientific and mainstream communities.  Yet, these are credible people having incredible experiences.

In order to move forward, we have to learn about these past incidents and figure out what is going on.  It’s not likely we’ll get the answers, but asking the questions that are relevant to what’s going on today is very key to pushing the agenda of the public forward.  We can’t rely on Rubio or the military or even TTSA for that matter to bring real truth when we know there are agendas and narratives involved.  Now of course, it’s still easy to hide behind the ‘National Security’ banner for the sake of keeping secrets.  So how far will transparency go?  It’ll go as far as they want it.  Like I stated above, it all comes down to what the agenda allows.

But at least soon, maybe, just maybe we’ll get to learn a little more.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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