MOOOO! Translation: Stop Thief!! You’re Under Arrest!

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When stealing a car in Seminole County, Florida, law enforcement will not be your only problem. It appears the Sheriff’s Office has backup from reserve bovine officers, and they are good at their job.
Jamie Young made the mistake of stealing a Suburu SUV, running into a stop sign, ditching the car, and attempting to escape on foot. Unfortunately, her every move was being observed by Sheriff’s investigators riding in a helicopter right above her.
And Jamie’s unplanned escape route was the worst part of her foray into a life of crime. After fleeing the crashed car, she ran into a pasture; a pasture that was occupied by twenty or so grazing cows. The cows spied her sprinting across the field, and began chasing her.
The reserve bovine officers maintained their hot pursuit, and were right upon her, appearing at one point as though they might gore her to stop this misguided attempt at eluding consequences to grand theft auto. Jamie finally reached a fence and jumped over, but freedom was not in the cards for her. Law enforcement met Jamie on the other side of the fence, and the cows were all gathered right behind her. There was no where else to go.
Jamie Young was arrested, and will face charges of motor vehicle theft. And word has it from the pasture, that all cows involved in her pursuit were glad they could help.