Misinformation Floating Around The UFO Community

William Pullin


Misinformation Floating Around The UFO Community 

Greetings! Misinformation. Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of investigating the UFO enigma is having to deal with incorrect data, beliefs, or assumptions. My mind immediately goes to the Roswell event of early July of 1947. To be perfectly candid, there is an incredible (being kind) amount of inaccurate information floating around the UFO community concerning the Roswell case, information which is taken to be accurate and true. Now, I am not referring to any beliefs, positions, or conclusions concerning the Roswell case, I am referring to the data; simple facts and figures that have been verified through intense investigation, or investigations as the case is here. It simply boggles the mind how many pieces of incorrect “data” or “evidence” are in existence. This horrible situation directly leads to incorrect information becoming accepted as fact as time moves forward, which is certainly (again being kind) not a positive thing for the UFO community. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, this is a situation which will never run its course. Thanks for your kind support.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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