Lue Elizondo: My thoughts!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Lue Elizondo: My Thoughts!
It was just over three and a quarter years since I first learn the name, “Luis Elizondo”.  Watching him on stage in Tom DeLonge’s opening press conference to introduce the world to the To The Stars Academy, I remember thinking that ‘Lue Dude’ was massive and he’s definitely not one you want to upset! Learning about his background from running AATIP, and leaving his job at the Pentagon to try and bring the reality of UFOs to the public, I was wondering what this guy was all about.  A well-spoken individual, it was easy to see right off the bat that Elizondo was no dummy.  You could  tell in his first few interviews that he knew his stuff.  He knew things that we as a public will never know.  He intrigued me because he seemed so different than DeLonge and the other suits on board for the TTSA.
Even though I never stated it publicly, I always believed Lue and who he was.  It was hard to separate Elizondo from the disagreements I had in the way the TTSA was conducting their business especially with squashing media inquiries.  My first conversation with Lue, he apologized to me for never having the opportunity to interview him.  Stating that he never knew how many media requests were made for him, as the TTSA’s media person, Kerry DeLonge (Tom’s sister), never passed on the multitude of media requests to him or other members of the TTSA.  This honesty had confirmed many of my disagreeing thoughts I had about TTSA controlling its media message.  Control the media, control the message.

In my couple of conversations I had with Lue before interviewing him on Spaced Out Radio, I found him to be very forward, as well as very invested in what I was saying and how he was answering.  For a guy like Lue, who has spent the better part of his adult life in the intelligence community, I could tell a couple of things: 1) I felt he was seeing as to whether or not he could trust me and whether or not my word on keeping things ‘off the record’ was going to be adhered to.  2) I also felt, even though he’s a man of strength and conviction, that he struggles (like any human being would) with not being able to say what he wants to say regarding this knowledge of the subject.

I really believe Lue is an experiencer outside of what his duties were within AATIP and the Government.  This isn’t from prior knowledge.  I will let you be the judge if you go to the 18:27 minute mark on my interview here: to decide whether or not Lue admits to having encounters with ‘grey’ aliens or not.  To me, I think he did admit something very big.  I have also taken out of our conversations that we’ve shared that he’s very much about opening up the people of the world to the new reality that we are not alone.  Whether that’s extraterrestrials or some sort of ultra-terrestrial phenomenon, we may not have that answer just yet.

One part of my interview with Elizondo that I thoroughly enjoyed was his incredible ability to not only retain questions, but how to break them down word for word.  Don’t kid yourself, Lue pays attention, and you have to be at your best in order to speak with him.  He’s a pro at breaking down sentences and going into diatribes, saying a lot with little to no substance.  He’s a professional at leading you down a path that has little serviceable information.  Why does he do this?  His oath and love of country is a bond that he will never break.  Legally he can’t.  Lue is a family man at heart and would never be selfish enough to ruin what he has for him and his family in order to throw the United States government under the bus.  He is probably the most astute person that I’ve ever interviewed, to be honest.
But one angle and motive for my interview with Lue was to get to know the person.  He’d been asked ad-nauseum about AATIP, AAWSAP, and other governmental programs that he’d been involved with.  My goal for the interview was to humanize Lue a bit, because he was adamant that he didn’t like being put on the UFO pedestal like some sort of demigod to the community seeking answers to the unknown.  Although I didn’t hit Lue with a ton of tough questions, I believe I made him think because of the line of questioning.  Saying that he didn’t like being the face of the franchise, so to speak.  It made him uncomfortable.  He opened my eyes to understand how deep this conversation is.  He doesn’t have to say a lot to say a lot.  My opinion with Lue is that he gives us these incredible ‘easter eggs’ in his interviews that very few have picked up on.  We are used to direct, forthright answers to questions.  However, with Lue, he just can’t come out and say what he wants.  So he leaves little clues to for us as a community to figure out.  We, as a community, have done a poor job at that.
For instance, when Lue talks about experiencers.  Those like Chris Bledsoe or Samantha Mowat, who’ve had incredible contact and experiences over the years.  He pretty much has told us that we need to pay attention to the experiences people are having.  They’re not all bunk.  These are real.  The information is real, and we need to be alert to what many experiencers are saying.  That’s why he stated that he’d love to see the scientific, governmental and experiential community come together to work on disclosure or confirmation together.  I believe Lue when he states that we, as a UFO community, shouldn’t be dismissing everything that we hear that’s extraordinary.  We need to do our due diligence and investigate the reality from the bullshit, so to speak.

I also took out of our interview that Lue is nowhere done with the U.S. Government when it comes to this subject.  He may not be a part of AATIP or the even the UAP Task Force, but with reading between the lines, you can easily tell that he’s not ‘retired’ so to speak.  He’s in there, in the thick of the conversation between the military and elected officials.  Should we be surprised?  Heck no.  This is Lue!  This is what he does.  This is what he’s good at.  This is his mission.  Although I don’t believe that we’ll ever get all of the secrets we want out of Roswell or the Phoenix Lights, I do believe that Lue is working towards giving us something.  What that something is, is yet to be determined. This is part of the long, wait and see approach that’s already been going on for decades.  It also should be stated that we can only hope that he’s doing it to benefit the people on this planet and not for nefarious ways to further exploit the military industrial complex.

In the end, I can honestly say I like the guy.  He’s someone I’d definitely love to have a beer with.  I wouldn’t want to cross him, but I believe Lue Elizondo is here to help.  How much he can help will be something we have to wait and see.  I wouldn’t say Lue is one of us fully in the UFO community.  But I would say he’s closer to us with his own experiences than we expect.  To me, it’s Elizondo’s experiences that we need to focus on.  I started paving that road.  It’s now up to me and others who interview or talk to him, to continue to lay the pavement, so he has an easier road to walk on when it comes to fully admitting “Lue’s Got Aliens!”

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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