Learning From Interactions With The UFO Community

William Pullin

Greetings! Learning. Interactions with members and groups active in the UFO community can be an eye opening experience. A great deal can be learned from simply observing how others interact with the public in their various professional capacities, whether those interactions are positive or negative in nature. Professionally, I am always learning from my contemporaries in the UFO community, especially when I observe conduct which is troubling and at times, simply appalling. To be sure, such unfortunate occurrences tend to be out of the ordinary in their commonality, but certainly they stand out as a result of the responses they solicit from the public. The majority of individuals who are connected with the various groups active in the UFO community conduct themselves with class and a good deal of decorum, but there are a few people who clearly don’t know how to act in public. Such horrid conduct speaks volumes about those individuals. We all need to act as ladies and gentlemen, especially when representing the UFO community in public. Many thanks for your precious time.

Author: Willam Pullin

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