John and Stacey Edwards have lived a life intertwined with the weird, bizarre, unexplained, and one another. From a paradigm shifting shared paranormal experience in 1997, John and Stacey have formed several paranormal teams, produced many independent documentaries, been featured speakers at conventions and universities, co-hosted their own podcast since 2010 (Haunted South Paranormal Podcast, The Third Side, and Paranormal Sideshow), and in 2019, the duo released their first book documenting their story thus far “Til’ Death And Beyond”.

John was the featured investigator on the Ghost Brothers Season 2 episode “Cocke County War Memorial”, John has also been a regional Professional Wrestling talent for over 20 years in the Southeastern United States with hundreds of episodes of regional television as the top “bad guy”. John and Stacey have many projects being currently worked on including their second book.