I’ve Been Questioned And Have Questions

By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
So this past week to ten days, I have taken some serious questions regarding my stance on a couple of issues.  It started with the Flat Earth guest, Ronald Farnham, and also carried over to the chat we had on Reality Paranormal with Chris Cogswell and Erica Lukes about MUFON.  Both can be heard on our archives, on YouTube.  Now, on Twitter, I had a gentleman ask me if I was anti To The Stars Academy as well.  And I responded by saying, I am not.  I was also asked this week the same question, except regarding MUFON.  So I want to take a few paragraphs and explain where I stand on these issues, because I think it’s important for the public to know where I come from in all of this.
Now you may not agree with what I am saying here, but in reality when it comes to the To The Stars Academy or MUFON, my personal opinion does NOT matter.  It doesn’t matter one single bit.  And there are people I really like who are involved with MUFON as an investigator or a State Director, or even on MUFON’s board.  For instance, I am a fan of their Financial Director, Tom Whitmore.  I think he’s a good, and candid guy!  The reason why it may sound like I’m not a fan of these groups is because I have some tough questions that need to be asked.  I have questions I want to know the answers to.  But more importantly, I want the answers for our Spaced Out Radio audience.  So when people within both organizations are hiding from answering those questions, whether it’s MUFON Executive Director, Jan Harzan, or anyone from the To The Stars Academy, as a journalist, it makes red flags go off.  My first inclination is, “What are they hiding?”  My job, as host of Spaced Out Radio, is something that I take very seriously.  I’m old school that way as I see myself as one of the voices of our public, and especially those who can’t speak for themselves.  As an experiencer, I want to know what they know.  For instance, with MUFON and their secret S.A.T. Team.  Why do they have a private investigative team that withholds information if they’re a non-profit, public society?  Why do they feel the need to hold back on any case?  What if one of their investigators on one of these private investigations came in contact with aliens, like in the movie ‘Signs’?  Does that not defeat the purpose of MUFON as being the UFO watch dog for the public if they’re not going to release that information?  Why withhold it?  Someone there has to answer that question?  It can’t be all about having fresh cases for documentaries or television projects.
When it comes to the To The Stars Academy, I think they’ve done some incredible work.  Bringing out David Fravor, for instance, who was the F/A-18 Fighter Pilot who witnessed this aerial phenomenon was fantastic.  Here was a guy who served the United States Navy proud.  He saw something and the public needs to know about it.  The videos have been great.  I think Luis Elizondo has been almost as up front as he possibly can be on this subject, considering he still holds ‘Top Secret’ clearance.  I mean, you have the guy who ran the AATIP program saying UFOs are real.  Why are we not believing him?  And there are many who don’t, much to the chagrin of people who need some clarification and answers to this phenomenon.  However, what I don’t appreciate is the fact that the TTSA, outside of very few outlets, has dodged those of us who want to ask some pertinent questions regarding this subject matter.  Why have they declined all media requests from shows like Spaced Out Radio, Midnight in the Desert, Caravan To Midnight, Ground Zero, The Malliard Report or GUFON Radio’s Rich Giordano to name a few?  They don’t seem to have an issue being public, going on mainstream outlets like FOX or CNN.  They don’t seem to have an issue talking with Leslie Kean or George Knapp.  This is an issue that needs to be addressed.  There is a very fragile community who’d like some answers to what is actually going on.  This is why I harp on the idea that the TTSA seems to want to control the UFO media agenda with a select few, and to hell with the rest of us.  On Twitter, Carl stated to one of my responses in a discussion about the TTSA, “I think Elizondo is naturally cautious to not create a free for all situation with questions that jeopardize his security obligations. I would be nervous of slipping up and releasing classified info. I think he will open up as he gets more “speakeasy”.  Without putting this person down, I cannot disagree with this statement more.  Elizondo has done the public tour and spoken at will about this subject.  So to say that he’s not comfortable or or being cautious is not correct at all.
Look, I’m not saying that the TTSA shouldn’t be careful with whom they speak to because their information is sensitive.  Their thoughts on the matter may be that the UFO community doesn’t need convincing so why bother chatting with them about it?  Could be something as simple as that.  However, there’s a big difference between the shows I listed above, as some of the bigger commodities in paranormal radio, and some podcaster who does a show once a month or so for an hour.  Of course, you can’t grant everyone’s request.  But whether it’s TTSA or your favorite sports team, if you’re looking for the story to get out, you do have to answer questions, whether they’re soft balls or hard hitting.  That’s part of the game when you’re in the public eye.  And so far, TTSA, and MUFON for that matter, have failed in their delivery to the alternative media.  Whether they like it or not, we are an entity that has a popular voice.  They could benefit greatly from answering some very pointed questions.
But there’s a catch.  That catch is this.  Without a strong alternative media, these groups can do what they want and how they want it, because they know the alternative media is so scattered and so unsettled, that they can dodge whomever they want whenever they want.  There is no CNN, FOX, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, LA Times asking the tough questions that need to be asked.  George Knapp, for all the love and admiration I have for the man, is on the inside with information.  He’s trusted, so he’s turned into kind of a safety blanket, because these groups know that George is credible, holds his sources tight, and that he’s going to take care of them today for the bigger stories that come down the pipe tomorrow.  It’s how the game works.  But without a strong media in our genre, nothing is going to change.  There are very few who can ask a pointed question without taking sides, or pushing a personal agenda.  And when I say very few, I’m talking less than 20 people in the entire field.
Those who are trying to find out the answers, as I think I am one of them, need to balance the point and counter point to the stories.  That’s what we are trying to do here.  The support is few and far between, but it’s improving.  But it’s far from being credible, especially on the alternative media side.  And it’s our fault, because there are no real or true media outlets covering these topics.  That takes money.  It takes people.  It takes sources, and a huge platform for everyone to buy into.  And right now, there’s no one doing it, even though we’d love to see it happen.  But don’t think for a second that MUFON or TTSA don’t realize this, because both groups have smart people attached to them.  They’ve done their due diligence and homework regarding who is out there and what their audiences are like.  They know who wants to ask questions and who wants to be all buddy-buddy with them.  And that’s why they’ll continue to control this agenda and topic and spin it any way they like, because they can.  They have the ability, the money, and the man-power to do it.  So when my audience rolls their eyes at me, stating, “There goes Dave talking about this TTSA or MUFON crap again!”, that’s exactly what groups like these want.  They are hoping we drop the topic and move on from it.  All so they don’t have to answer questions about it.  And that’s not right.  It’s not right to the hosts.  It’s not right to the audience.  But most importantly, it’s not right to the people who’ve experienced something that has affected their lives, and all they want is some sort of answer to comfort them.
As for my opinion?  It doesn’t matter, because I’m not here to give my opinion.  I’m here to ask questions, and to question why they won’t answer any questions at all.  That’s my job.  And I’ll continue the process until I find out why.

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