On November 30th, it will be the four year anniversary of Spaced Out Radio, as we launched this naive little concept of paranormal radio.  Back on that date, we had no clue what was going to happen, how big it would get, or what our audience was going to be like.  See, as a former radio journalist, at that time, I hadn’t been in front of a microphone for seven years.  When I walked away from terrestrial radio back on July 4th, 2007 at 10:47pm, when I signed off for the final time, I thought I had walked away for good.  I had no intention of stepping back into radio.  Nor did I know or understand the idea of internet radio, and what it was like to broadcast online.  Yet, on November 30th, 2014, here I was.  I was nervous, because it had been so long.  I forgot the feeling of talking to an audience you cannot see.  I’d forgotten the feeling of people listening to your every word.  I’d forgotten how much I loved it.
People often ask how we started up the show.  Well, here’s the answer.  On September 27th, 2014, I MC’ed a UFO conference for Jonny Enoch in Surrey, British Columbia.  A friend of mine, Samantha Mowat, was speaking, and I had heard of this Jonny dude, but never met him before.  So, because I was having my own sightings and experiences, and I was prepping to attend anyways to watch Samantha’s speech, I figured I would reach out to Jonny and ask him if I could help.  I told him about my background in media, marketing and sales, and within 30 minutes he’d responded.  Telling me how he had put out to the universe that he wished there was a person out there with a radio background to MC this event, so that way it sounded more professional.  So I said I’d do it.  After the conference, Jonny reached out to me and stated that he had had a number of attendees ask who I was, and if I was on the radio.  They apparently liked my presentation and voice.  Jonny then asked if I’d consider getting back into radio, which I politely declined.  He wouldn’t have anything of it.  So Jonny decided to take matters into his own hands and invite himself over for October 2nd, for a drink and to hear him out on this entire radio concept.  And if you know Jonny, you know that when he starts talking, you’re going to be convinced.  And that night, we decided on the concept of Spaced Out Radio, and prepped for our launch of November 30th, 2014.
At the time, I knew nothing of internet radio or podcasting.  Didn’t even know it existed.  Like I said, when I walked away from terrestrial radio, I walked away for good.  Put it in the shadows, and never looked back.  It was in the past, and I didn’t want to look back.  But here I was.  Now, almost four years later, looking back, I laugh at how naive and silly I was to set this concept in motion.  I had know idea there were so many radio shows and podcasts out there.  I’d only known about Coast to Coast AM.  Yet here I was. I remember the days of 12 listeners.  I remember the days of jumping to 50 listeners a night.  I remember the antics of some people online questioning what SOR was, and who I was?  People asking if I was some sort of government spy because I came out of nowhere with this delightful, and professional sounding show, getting top notch guests right off the bat, whereas their shows had been struggling for years to find the right people to bring on.  There was a conspiracy afloat.  That one still makes me laugh.  I remember a number of podcast hosts coming up to me and asking what my secret was.  So I gave them the honest answer.  I asked.  That simple.  But it was more than that.  It was about presentation.  Phone calls.  Reminders.  Professionalism.  Trying to sound different from everyone else.  Carving my own niche so to speak.  And somehow, it worked.
Look, there were some trying times along the way.  The road hasn’t always been paved.  It was bumpy in areas, but I tried to take that all in a learning experience.  And looking back, I thank the people who helped along the way.   Amma Jordan, James Tyson, Elizabeth Anglin, Tim Doyle, Dave Cruz, Joe Rupe, Eric Marcum, Kim Gandy are no longer associated with us, but their contributions, conversations and tidbits of information all helped propel us to the next level.  They all offered knowledge in their own way that we were able to use to help form the basis of this show.  Unfortunately people come and go, which is normal with any business, as ideas change, situations happen, and sometimes egos clash.  But their importance to the process should never be forgotten.  They all helped and contributed.
The team we have now with our nameless investor, along with Amy Martin who is the guru of everything behind the scenes, and one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met, Captain Gail Shirk who runs our news side, Olav Phillips from Paranoia Magazine, Everett Themer, Haven Charlotte in bookings and soon to be producer, Katherine Boyd our social media person, and Tessa Nicole Thomas our weekend host, along with the man with the golden pipes, Bob Davis, have been the glue that we needed to take Spaced Out Radio to the next level.  The conversations all hours of the day, to the financial and technological side, to everything, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions to try and put this all together.  There have been so many days to where I thought about giving up and going back into the real world.  But we crossed that point of no return a long time ago, and it we had to trudge on through, no matter how muddy it got.  And here we are.
A very special thank you to musician and artist, Ron Bumblefoot Thal.  This is a friendship that started after a concert of his in Vancouver.  And it led to us being able to have this amazing music and sound that no one else has.  It’s truly an honour to have a world class musician leading us off and bringing us home, every single night.
Our listeners, and even though I will forget to put some names in here, it’s the listeners that make it all worth it.  I read almost every comment from kudos to criticism, to guest suggestions, and we are working diligently each and every night to keep our listenership happy.  It’s the most difficult part of the job, because there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like what you’re doing.  But we try.  I think of the veterans club on Facebook, from #1 Bill Cardwell, who supplies the nightly password, to Gloria, Claudia, Joe, PEN MAN, the Ukrainian Watermelon, Uncle Dale, Jade and others who’ve come and gone.  Spreaker’s chat room to Tripster, who busts his ass nightly to post all of our sponsors and shows, Kevin and Kevin’s beard, two separate entities, Ronno, COG, Teresa, Susan, Reverend Keith, Renee, Christoph, Shar and more who are there nightly.  Twitter from God of Thunder, Andrew, Awholeskeptic, Derek, Marty the Veteran, Jeff, Goddess Michelle, John and more, as their snark makes the show so much fun.  The Ellgabbers, led by Bart Ell and Bart Ell Producer, who gave us a platform to grow and show off what we do.  Thanks for the Monday night poutine Bart!  There are so many others who’ve made a difference.  Thank you so much for what you do.
I have mentors in this field as well.  People I listen to for advice and ideas, even if I have never met them.  Jim Malliard from the Malliard Report.  Rich Giordano from GUFON, Shannon Legro, George Knapp, George Noory, Dave Schrader, the late and great Art Bell, and so many others I have bounced ideas off of to make what we do better.   It’s all these tidbits of information that have helped out what we do.
Our goal has always been to take this game to the next level, and that’s the direction we are heading in.  As of Halloween night, we will be broadcasting off of a major network’s satellite feed to share our show and new signal to radio stations across North America and the world.  It’s amazing to think the time is now.  And what better night to start, than on Halloween, right?  It’s amazing to think that here we are, and we’re ready to go.  The sleepless nights.  The financial constraints.  The arguments.  Everything a start up business has to get it right.  And now here we are.
So how does this affect you?  Well, first, the show has changed, as we now have commercial breaks at the bottom of the hour.  We sound professional, thanks to the team of Amy Martin and company who’ve worked their asses off behind the scenes to get us sounding professional audibly which will attract radio stations to us.  With the backing of our SOR Investor, Amy and I have been able to get what we need to make this show sound as professional and technically savvy as possible.  We are ready for the world to hear us now.  The tinkering is all done.  We are ready.
On our website, led by Amy again, we are prepping our new store, which will have the latest fashions and concepts of Spaced Out Radio.  We’re excited to bring that to you.  Our news section, led by Gail, always gives us something cool to read.  Soon, our Space Travelers Club will be hopping with some cool ideas like a private chat room and forum for posting.  It’s going to be exciting.  I’m very much looking forward to it.  It’ll be more interactive and awesome to converse with fans on there.
But mainly, I want to thank Mrs. SOR, and our children for allowing me the opportunity to go for this dream.  They are special people and the unsung heroes of all of this.  Without there love and support, along with putting up with my mood swings and emotions of suffering from depression and anxiety, I wouldn’t be here today.  They are the backbone of the show.  They are the real victors in all of this, because we have basically put our vacations, hobbies, and everything on hold to make this happen.  I can tell you this, my loves, that when this goes viral, I’m spoiling all of you.  You deserve so much, and I cannot wait to provide it to you all.  I love all of you with everything I have.
Lastly, I want to point out that Spaced Out Radio has always been a business.  It’s always been about reaching for the stars and letting them shine.  There will be rumours and crap that we sold out for the all mighty dollar, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Everyone states there’s no money to be made in the paranormal.  I have often asked, why not?  It’s because of this attitude that the jealousy comes into play, and people start firing off rumours and other stuff.  So always feel free to ask.  And if there’s a way I can help, please, ask, and I will do my best to pass on what I’ve learned to you.  So with that, I hope you sit back, and enjoy the ride, because we are, and I want you along with me, because together my friends, WE OWN THE NIGHT!



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