It’s Been A Busy Week At SOR!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
It’s Been A Busy Week At SOR
Okay I want to first off say that next week we won’t have a blog as I will be in attendance as a speaker at UFOCON 2020 down in San Francisco, California.  This is my second time presenting at this event, and I couldn’t be more excited.  The UFO world is ever evolving, and Lorien Fenton puts together some of the finest and most professional conferences around.  Being able to be put on the speaker’s list is truly an honor and a privilege for not only me but all of Spaced Out Radio.  We’re glad to be representing what we do once again to such a large crowd.  Unfortunately, due to private video recording of the event, that will be made for sale by the conference, I won’t be able to show my speech live.  But I will go around on Facebook and YouTube, live and talk with some people you may recognize.  I will be speaking on my experiences, and talking to people about whether or not they’re ready for their own, if they haven’t had them happen already.  So stay tuned for some live content next week.
It was a busy week in Ufology, thanks to Tim McMillan’s article on UFOs in Popular Mechanics that went front page on their website.  Tim did an outstanding job breaking the news that the AATIP program is still in existence, after we were all told it was disbanded in 2012.  The other interesting feature is how it all ties to Robert Bigelow and Skinwalker Ranch as well.  I think Tim is slowly being able to crack the iceberg that is UFO Disclosure, single handedly with his connections, sources, and position in the field.  That being said, Tim did take some heat for using anonymous sources for his stories.  Many in the UFO field were ripping into Tim about this on Twitter and Facebook, saying it was much the same old anonymous voices that  were behind any leak of information.  Sorry boys and girls, that’s how real journalism works.  You just can’t give up sources who don’t want to be named, because then you lose your insider information.  What good is a story if you’re locked out because as a writer, your word is no good because you leaked who your source is, to the public?  Use some common sense!  What do you want?  The names who are giving Tim info are likely names you or I have NEVER heard of.  But they’re so involved that they are putting their careers and secret clearances on the line in order to get the information out.  Do you really want to bust that person publicly so the well of information dries up?  UFO Field, you can’t have it both ways.  Tim understands that.  For any journalist to call him out on that, is laughable at best; and yes there were a couple who did.  So, Mr. Journalist, you’ve always given up your sources who give you deep information on the condition of anonymity?  Bullshit!  Good job Tim at holding your ground and it’s to your credit the Pentagon is now planning a statement on this subject in the next few weeks.
Speaking of journalists and journalism, I’m not going to go over my full rant again, but most of you reading this know I have a HUGE pet peeve in the UFO and Paranormal world.  There are all of the fake journalists out there who have self-titled themselves, yet have ZERO real journalism experience.  Reminder to the Fake Journalist community: Writing a blog or filming a vlog is not journalism.  Being a guest columnist and writing an op-ed for a website or newspaper does not make you a journalist.  Being interviewed on television or radio does not make you a journalist.  You catch my drift here.  But unfortunately, there are people out there who need a friendly reminder.  As such, there was one very hilarious comment I pulled off of Twitter from one of these self-titlers this past week. What made me snicker, then shake my head were two points that this person should not even open his mouth to.  First was he opens up the tweet with a ‘Journalistic Lesson’.  Well, damn, I didn’t know this pompous person was qualified as a fake journalist to actually give any type of journalistic lessons.  Second, in the tweet there was a shot at SOR regarding Dr. Chris Cogswell and UFO Historian William Pullin on our monthly series called ‘Reality Paranormal’.  This fake journalist states, “radio shows (like Paranormal Reality series) etc. If you have insufficient date, hold with your subjective accusations.  You could affect lives of real people. Be responsible.”  Well, you know old Davey needs to respond to this.  REAL journalists should always FACT CHECK the names of the show before going to print.  You should know that, Mr. Fake Journalist.  Second, since you’re a Fake Journalist giving lessons on the subject, you should also know that guests are brought onto radio shows, television shows, etc., for their OPINION.  That’s why they are guests; to give their opinion from their research.  Opinion is subjective.  Then you end it with, “Be responsible”.  Please take your own advice.  How about being responsible for being honest with your credentials?  If you have the audacity to lie about your credentials, how can anyone trust your research or anything you say?  Truth is, they can’t.  You’re just lucky the UFO Community is so naive at times that they don’t even catch on to your fake journalistic integrity.  Look in the mirror before calling anyone else out.  Especially when it involves those who have the knowledge and the backing to understand how REAL JOURNALISM and REAL RADIO works.  Rant over!
With Little Richie G going off to concentrate his efforts on GUFON Radio Stream, it actually amazes me how there are a few people out there who have tried to accuse me of firing Richie, or trying to stir up crap like there was a riff between Rich and I.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Ask Rich if you don’t believe me.  Rich and I are great friends, and I watch the guy every night he is on because he makes me laugh.  I don’t quite understand how some people out there have the nerve to try and start bullshit when both Rich and I have publicly stated we’re buddies and will continue going on each other’s shows.  You know what?  People are allowed to be friends even if they don’t continue on the same projects.  It’s just sad that there are those who are so addicted to drama that they will try to break up a friendship for the sake of an internet pissing contest.  Grow up.  Seriously!
As for the Saturday night show, for the short term, Everett Themer, @EverettThemer on Twitter, will be filling in until we find the right host for us.  We have been in contact with a few people and we continue to look for the right fit for us.  Like we had with Rich, and we have with Everett, we are looking for a team player.  Someone who can come in and understand the business plan of Spaced Out Radio, and the commitment it takes to make our show be successful nightly.  That’s a tough hole to fill. Not everyone wants to give up their Saturday nights.  We are diligently trying to find the right person that’s going to be not only entertaining, but able to bond with you, the audience as well.  At this stage of the game, where Spaced Out Radio continues to grow in audience numbers and participation, we need to make sure this is the right fit for everyone involved.  If not, we’re going to be looking again for someone else in the near future.  So bear with us, and give it time.  The right decision may not be the quickest decision.
Finally, we are very excited to announce that in March, it’s looking like we are going to be adding three new terrestrial stations to our SOR family.  I can’t give the call letters out just yet, but it looks like we will be adding markets in Washington State, Arizona and our first Canadian market, in southern Ontario.  This is exciting for us as Chuck Contreras, our syndication director, has been working very hard to get us out there.  In order to add these three stations, we need to make some adjustments to our main studio at SORHQ.  Which currently we are in the process of doing.  We need to make some other changes as well, so we will be able to also add a live broadcast to YouTube and other social media networks as well.  The expansion is to give our audience the best possible way to listen to the show live.  We must concentrate on all mediums in order to better serve you, the listener.  So stay tuned.  Some very exciting times coming to SOR in the near future.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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