So last week, I was on the phone with Amy Martin, from Amy on the Radio, and I was chatting some Spaced Out Radio business with her when both her and I shared a weird and strange experience.  Now Amy lives in the Eastern United States.  I’m up here in the thick tundra of central British Columbia.  As I was talking to Amy, I brought my dogs in from outside, and started to walk towards my studio door.  As I opened it up, and started to walk in and close the door behind me, I heard my little guy, who is four years old, screech upstairs in my kitchen area.  It froze me, and I was a little confused for a second.  I said to Amy that something weird just happened.  She asked me what it was.  I told her that I just heard my little guy upstairs.  Nothing strange about that, right?  Of course not. The problem is, my little guy wasn’t home.  He was in town, a ten minute drive away at his preschool.  As I told Amy that I heard the little dude upstairs, she mentioned that she had heard him too through the phone.  She then asked me to head upstairs to make sure maybe Mrs. SOR didn’t bring him home.  So I did.  I went upstairs and called his name.  But no one was there.  It was just me, my lonesome self, in the house, along with Amy on the phone.
Here was Amy’s take on what happened.  “Here’s the thing. I don’t know what it was. You all know me, I am a skeptic. This is what I heard: I heard a kid so loud it cancelled out Dave talking on the audio from his phone to mine. It sounded like his son. I stayed ON THE PHONE with Dave until he picked up his kid. I even waited around while he left the car to get him. I heard them approach the car together. He was in a bit of a mood as most tired kids are so I could audibly hear him from the distance it took for them to approach the car before getting in the car. I was not there but what I do know is this: I have no reason to suspect his son was in the house at the time we heard what sounded like the kid upstairs. There was no televisions or anything playing in the background that I could tell for the almost hour long conversation we were having about business. I don’t have any good explanations for it but I know that audio wise something was so loud that it triggered the noise cancellation on Dave’s phone and lowered his voice in the middle of a conversation. It sounded like it came from not close by but another nearby part of his house. Totally sounded like his boy but it wasn’t.  I asked Dave to keep me on the phone so I could hear him pickup his son so I can say this: I have no good explanation for what it was we both heard.”
So this got me wondering, like I had been lately, on whether or not the experience is more valuable than I have been thinking the last few weeks.  See, I must admit, since the New York Times article came out about UFOs back on December 16th, it took UFOlogy to such a different level that I, as an experiencer myself, have wondered whether or not UFO sightings or videos, cryptid videos or ghosts pics were good enough for evidence anymore?  I’m trying to believe that there is a level of importance to them, because maybe, just maybe someone can get some satisfaction in seeing something that’s been filmed, to confirm what they’ve seen for themselves.  I have to remind myself that there are people out there who are searching google or YouTube, looking for the exact craft, being, or creature that they saw.  Hell, before Spaced Out Radio, I was one of them.  I remember laying in bed, with my lap top on my lap, searching all night long for a black triangle that I saw.  Never found it.  I remember how frustrating that was.  So I can see the importance of it.  But is it still relevant?
The struggle is real in trying to answer that question.  I guess part of my theory on it is that I think the average investigation video that people record or photograph now, to me, there’s just some gusto lost on it all since the NY Times article.  Maybe that’s because of the position I am in?  When you talk to as many people in the field that I do, your perception kind of changes, and maybe sometimes for the worse.  You tend to forget that there is a lot of information that regular people, not involved in this community at all, that are out searching for answers.  Maybe I’m just getting crabby because I wanted to see the momentum continue after the newspaper article?  Yeah, that’s probably it.
This is also the reason why I so much enjoy the ghost tour I run at the local museum.  To see so many people have a first time experience with the paranormal is amazing.  It’s great to be a part of it, and to explain to people what is going on or what they are feeling.  The excitement of when they get a photo, their hair pulled, or cobweb like ectoplasm dropped in their faces.  I think it’s great.  It’s a great way to explain what we do to people who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to ever do this.  Most have only seen it on television.  And to give people the opportunity, well, maybe I need to focus on that paranormal positivity a little more?
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